Is ‘McDonald and Dodds’ Season 4 Happening?



Wondering about McDonald and Dodds season 4? We all are waiting for a new season. McDonald and Dodds in one of the most underrated pairs of detectives, solving cases in England. While McDonald is more of a dynamic, ambitious sort of investigator, Dodds is a traditionalist. 

Despite their differences, they seem to work together as a team and often help each other in solving cases. Each episode brings a stand-alone murder mystery in which McDonald and Dodds collaborate to solve the puzzle and apprehend the culprits. 

The show blends character-driven drama with elements of vintage, and it frequently examines the interactions between the two main characters. Let’s explore if McDonald and Dodds season 4 is on the cards. 

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McDonald And Dodds Season 4 Release Date Speculation

McDonald and Dodds, a brilliant crime show, is returning for another season. Yes, McDonald and Dodds season 4 is happening! The filming is taking place in Bath, England as of now, therefore we expect the show to be out by early 2024.

The filming process does take time with the post-production changes and editing which might also cause a little delay. The cast seems to be excited about the renewal.

Jason Watkins, who plays Dodds says about his character, “He’s such a great character to play, I always enjoy it. He’s such an interesting man — seemingly quite straight-forward, but actually rather complicated and I think audiences enjoy that about him. He’s often the one who you think is least likely to solve the case and yet he ends up having the little bit of insight that cracks it.”

What To Expect From McDonald And Dodds Season 4?

The plot of the show revolves around episodic murder mysteries, which provide a fun way to solve the case and unwind for the viewer. We will be seeing that this season too, as the detective duo returns for a fourth season in 2024 hopefully. 

This time, the creators confirmed that McDonald and Dodds will be solving a case, unlike others. Wherein a woman, middle-aged and perfectly fine, was shot dead in her quiet rented apartment.

Moreover, even strangely, the killer had removed all existence of identity from her, including her personal information and artifacts. The DNA shows that she had gone missing 35 years ago. The question remains of where had she been all this time. 

The investigation takes us through a series of past happenings, which we will get to watch in the upcoming season. But the most awaited part of the show will remain the bond between the two detectives that adds to the suspense.

McDonald And Dodds Season 4 Cast & Characters 

The cast of this season is to be confirmed, but we do know that the main cast will be returning. Huw Kennair Jones, one of the showrunners said: “We’re thrilled to be returning to the beautiful city of Bath for more original and inventive crimes for McDonald and Dodds to solve. And it’s great to be working with Mammoth Screen, Robert Murphy, and Tala and Jason once again on what promises to be another brilliant series.”

  • Tala Gouveia as McDonald
  • Jason Watkins as Dodds
  • Claire Skinner as Chief Superintendent Ormond
  • Charlie Chambers as DC Goldie
  • Bhavik C. Pankhania as DC Lee


Fortunately, McDonald and Dodds season 4 is underway filming and can be expected to release in 2024. This is an exciting news for both you and us! What do you think will happen in the new season? Feel free to drop your opinion in the comment box. If you need more updates then stay tuned with us!

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