Is Moon Knight Season 2 Happening?



Are you missing the hit Marvel show Moon Knight? We do too! Moon Knight has made its place as one of the top shows produced by Marvel. The cast’s unique plotline and amazing acting are just a part of what makes this show so incredible.

The journey Marc Spector takes to become the Moon Knight, the Egyptian deity Khonshu’s avatar, is the focus of the show. Key plot points center around the character’s mental health and how reality and his other personalities overlap. 

Moon Knight is renowned for tackling otherworldly themes and low-level criminal activity while providing a distinctive blend of superhero action and psychological drama. It gives the audience both thrill and fun. The 6-episode series packed quite the punch. The perpetrators of the characters were top-notch. Now let’s see if Moon Knight season 2 is on the cards.

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Moon Knight Season 2 Release Date Speculation 

While Moon Knight itself garnered much popularity, it is still uncertain whether the series will get a second season. This is because Marvel usually produces these shows in a limited series manner. This is to introduce the character and their background into the plotline to be utilized for other Marvel movies [like Ms. Marvel].

However, there are always exceptions to these rules, such as the show Loki, which ran for a second season. While Moon Knight Season 2’s official release date is kept under wraps several indications point to it possibly taking a few years.

With several future projects, such as Agatha: Cavern of Chaos, Daredevil: Born Again, Ironheart, and Loki Season 2, Marvel Studios has the right schedule. This timeframe suggests that if Moon Knight season 2 is happening it could release in early 2025 or late 2024.

What To Expect From Moon Knight Season 2? 

Moon Knight concluded its initial season on a cliffhanger. While the main conflict between the series villain and Moon Knight was resolved, it introduced the new alter of Marc Specter, called Jake Lockley. This introduces a new element in the dichotomy between the Khonshu’s avatar, as the two introduced alters have just reached a truce. 

Considering that, Moon Knight season 2 could focus on the dynamics between these three alters. In addition to how it affects their daily functioning and the missions, they have to do for Khonshu. Personal life of Marc Specter with his ex-wife Layla could also be explored, as they might rekindle their sparks, now that the misunderstanding is cleared. It’s also possible that the multiverse storyline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be essential.

Moon Knight Season 2 Cast & Characters

Although the announcement of a second season of the show remains in jeopardy, we can still anticipate. If Moon Knight season 2 happens, we can expect the following cast characters to reprise their roles. 

  • Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight, bringing the personas of Steven Grant, Mark Spector, and Jake Lockley.
  • Ethan Hawke as  Arthur Harrow
  • May Calamawy as Layla El-Faouly

As for Murray, F. Abraham, the Moon God and voice of Khonshu, it’s unsure if he will return because of the accusations against him. We can even expect additional characters!


Moon Knight season 2 is still awaiting a confirmation. Although the immense popularity of the show gives us hope for another season. Whatever happens, Moon Knight season 2 will definitely be worth watching. What are your thoughts and conclusions about a second season? Do let us know in the comment box. If the show is renewed, we will keep you posted!

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