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Imginn: A New Way To Anonymous Instagram




Whether you are new to the world of Instagram or a regular user, we all can agree that there have been times when you just want to lazily scroll and take the best of Instagram without logging in. Well, Imginn is one website that offers you the best Instagram experience to your desire.

Imginn is a website that’s worth your attention and use as it’s built to allow its users to quench their desire of being able to get in hand your desired features of Instagram which are not originally provided to you as an official user. 

What is special about Imginn? 

Imginn is an app that lets you enjoy the perks of using Instagram without having to register and become a user on the official site. The main advantage that you can use it for is because of its option to let users download public stories, posts and captions.

It’s a hassle-free affair with Imginn as once you use it you’ll realize the options that are restrictive on Instagram are freely available to you on the Imginn website.

Anonymous View.

With Imginn you don’t have to worry about your identity being open to the poster. Imginn offers this unique feature where you can view your desired stories from any user be it your favorite celebrity or someone you have wanted to gain knowledge on from afar. We can all agree that there’s been a hike in people’s goal to showcase and share their glamorous life and happy days. 

Due to this, Instagram is one place they have made their esteemed identity on, presenting their best and mundane every day. So if you want to get to know someone or gather their life direction, sometimes you wish to do that anonymously. 

As that’s a negative when using Instagram and viewing stories, they can show your view but with Imginn you can shed this worry. However, you can use some apps to view Instagram stories without other people knowing.

Save Your Favorites

Using Imginn provides you with the best most wanted feature on Instagram, which is to be able to download your favorite posted Instagram photos and videos. The world of Instagram glitters and shines with stunning photos of people, businesses, or even online stars who work to satisfy their viewers in numerous niches be it dresses or inspirations from all walks of life. 

Instagram has become a world of its own now, so there are definitely times every day when you love a particular dress worn by someone or a travel blogger’s posts on amazing places have motivated you to download and remember the places to visit. For any of these purposes, Instagram only lets you save on your user account but not in your phone gallery. 

That’s where Imginn comes to the rescue. As it allows you to download them in your phone’s storage and be content with its internal Instagram photo and video downloader feature. 

How to log in and use Imginn’s features? 

There are times when it’s really complicated to use a website or a free website although free to use but gets hard to navigate through or requires a lengthy lazy process of login every time you wish to use it. 

But with Imginn, you just have to do it once in the beginning and in the long term, you are rid of that worry. Just copy these simple steps to log in on Imginn and use it with a hidden identity, downloading your favorite photos or those amazing clips.

  • Click open your browser on your phone or PC. 
  • Type in Image in the search bar for a direct link to the site. 
  • Tap the first available link namely on the google page, taking you to the website’s official address.
  • As it opens and comes in view on your phone screen or PC, you’ll see an understandable design and navigation. 
  • Select Imginn’s search bar simply on the page you land at. 
  • Without any delay, write and search for any Instagram public account you wish to view and download from anonymously.
  • Their Instagram account will open up and you’ll see their page in full view 

You can see their active stories and view them with a secret view. Imginn allows you to view as many public active stories as you desire without logging in.

You can log in on it when you first have to put in your personal details and it requires you to have a Facebook Account, however without having to make an account on Instagram. You just need to put in your email address and set a strong password for use.

Steps to download the Instagram pictures and clips: 

  • Open the official site of Imginn by searching from the web search bar. 
  • Open the website and search the name or public account of the figure you want to download pictures/clips from.
  • Open their public pages and select the image or clip you wish to download ● Copy its link from that post containing your favorite image or clip’s options 
  • Next, go back to the first page of the website and click on the “Instagram image downloader” to paste the link for an image you wish to download. 
  • If you desire to download an Instagram video clip, the same easy process will follow through as the image. 
  • Copy the link from the original poster’s post on their public Instagram page. 
  • Paste that video clip link in the “Instagram video downloader” option by clicking it on the Imginn website easily.
  • You can even choose the quality you want to download them in on Imginn, getting those glamorous or informative posts in their original glossy quality.

How to navigate on Imginn? 

The app of Imginn is created for you to use without paying for a membership or the lengthy process of gaining knowledge on the app’s purpose. Its simple navigational design and easy-to-understand features are what capture its loyal users. 

All of its features are present directly on app or website online at your fingertips. With only a click you can fulfill your wish to use the advanced features not available on the official site of Instagram.

Where to use Imginn? 

Imginn is an app that’s available for you to use in-app or online, making it a very feasible site to use for those who permanently want to utilize this app or only temporarily. Most apps require an install and download to use further, this really irks me when you really just want to use an app online without having to store it on your phone. 

Therefore, Imginn’s user-friendly option gives you the freedom to choose and use it as suits you.


Imginn is without a doubt an app-based website that has been designed solely for the purpose to fulfill your needs of getting those unavailable features on the biggest platform of Instagram globally. 

Imginn has been ranking high with users because of its user-friendly and simple-to-use features and procedures. This site well deserves this recognition, it uses Instagram’s original API to make it feasible for you to understand and comprehend the options and how to work around the app. Imginn’s famous features like being able to scroll and get the best of using Instagram without having to log in as a user are indeed the best for people who might want to use it for information or any other purposes, 

While also being able to download and store those amazing Insta pictures and videos of stunning celebrities and Instagram bloggers is something that’ll make everything smooth. 

Indeed, Imginn is one site that is worth using without any penny or extra second wasted.

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