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99Math: The Best Free Maths Practice Game Online (Live Classroom)




Do you want your kid or self to become a mathematics wizard? Well, then, you need to know all about the incredibly fun and engaging mathematics practice platform called 99math! 

99math has become a top-ranking multiplayer playable game that is played by most kids and individuals who want to learn and excel in math subjects creatively. Now that we have given you a bit of information on what 99math is about. We are sure you want to get into more details, and hence why below we are going to answer with all the essential details about the site. 

99Math: A Thrilling Maths Practice Game 

With numerous techniques being created for kids and individuals to practice and learn the ever-challenging subjects like mathematics, it’s a breath of fresh air that the 99math site has been specially designed to cater to kids and individuals who want to practice the calculations and concepts with a different technique.

The website offers gamification learning of the math subject with similar captivating techniques to other high-end games. 99math focuses on the multi-faceted element of learning by offering a game-like experience while simultaneously using the experience to teach core math concepts and calculations to the players. 

How Does The Site Focus On Kid’s Engagement? 

Well, the site is built as an advanced technique to make users or players take the subject of math in a fun light rather than in a complicated one. For the factors that drive a kid or teacher to help learn or deliver the easiest and most interesting ways of math, let us list some down below that make the site so unique.

● Gamified Design For Creative Learning

99math is a multiplayer creative game that has been designed with an approach to deliver root learning of math concepts thrillingly. This means that it is created to make the math practice and structure appear enjoyable while at the same time encouraging daily math practice. 

The design helps the kids and individuals absorb the complex calculations and math basic to advanced concepts. The game offers a design that is not basic-level math but includes rewarding points and levels to make the player feel challenged. This way, the kids from any grade or teachers can let their students play the game with multiplayer mode on. 

This is a practice platform that includes not only the thrill of a game but also the achievement scores and scoreboard to motivate students to keep practicing more through the game. 

● Live Class Feature 

In the online class environment of the current age, the game has focused on incredible detail to design the live class feature for the students. This is helpful for the teacher and student both as the grade 1 -12 classes can join in on the game with their math teacher. 

In this way, 99math can be a platform where the teachers can tune into after-school practice, and kids can be encouraged to perform practice while enjoying playtime with the supervision of their teachers in the live class feature.

● Data Insight For Efficient Learning 

The game is designed to include a performance analysis and data for the players, whether they are teachers or students. This way, from the teacher’s or parents’ perspective, they could assess their student or kids’ progress in the game activities through the insight of game achievements and performance of the player. 

The student or individual who decides to play and learn through 99math can also keep track of their progress by keeping a check over their overall record. This way, if they are individually making progress through the site for their math practice, the student can, without any external guidance, catch their strong and weak points in the subject according to their grade level. 

What Are The Benefits Of 99math? 

As we have mentioned above, the major features of the site, we know that it’s equally essential to know the benefits of using the 99math platform instead of other ones to sharpen your math skills.

So, let us note them down below for you! 

● Personalized Learning Process 

The site focuses on the player’s personal growth outcomes, not just the automated set goals of the exercise game. This way, the player can feel their growth being checked live without the assistance of a teacher’s view.

● Interactive Game Experience 

The interactively designed game of 99math has an edge of thrill and fun with its multiple gameplay modes and levels, from easy to hard-level math concepts and calculations incorporated for the player. 

● Free Of Cost Platform 

The site is free of cost for all users, whether you are a teacher or a student. This means that no matter the benefits you get, you can use the site anytime for limitless hours to practice and play at the same time. 

● Track Students Performance 

The platform is both for students and teachers to use for their students. Apart from the students tracking their progress, the teacher can also see each student’s progress through the game through their rewards and performance results in the game. 

How To Do 99Math Login?

Steps To Login 

Below, we are going to narrow down the steps for you to follow to log in to the site! 

● Search For The 99math Site. 

You don’t have to worry about finding the site in a complex way or downloading some setup that might take up your storage. You can search for the site through any device on the search engine. Type in and press enter to get access.

● Create A Free Login Account 

If you, as a teacher or student, do not already have an account on the 99math site, then you don’t have to worry, as the site has a free signup and login. This means that there is no extra payment structure that you need to fill in for further access. 

You have to register and stay logged in or login anytime you wish whether you are a teacher or a student. 

● Personal Account Options 

After your account is made, your account will give you many options so that you can understand how the game works and the options you can choose to personalize the math practice according to your level or school grade math. 

● Select Relevant Topic 

After you navigate through the site, it will give you recommendations and features for joining a live classroom and personal practice time. Further on, whether you are a teacher selecting a topic for your math students or a student, you need to select the topic you wish to learn and excel in for practice on the 99math game. 

For the topics, from basic mathematical addition and subtraction of primary grades to math algebra and higher grade topics, you can choose according to your desire.

● Select the Live Play Button 

After you have picked the math topic you want to practice in the game or as a teacher you have picked for your student’s practice, you need to click on the “Play Live” option.

This will shift you to the final game creation side, where you can select the final game options according to your preference. 

● Pick Your Game Mode Setting 

Now that you have selected the topic and play button, you need to select an intelligently designed option of game modes. There are two modes for options: Challenge Mode and Practice Mode. 

According to your practice and level of desired math topic, to judge your practice on a learned topic, you can choose the swift option of challenge mode. However, to encourage your practice in a math topic you have chosen then Practice Mode is suitable for you.

● Customize Game Settings 

You can shape the game even till the last step to get the best out of the learning and playing experience. If you wish to lengthen the time of each round or question pattern, you can shape all settings according to your or your student’s needs. 

● Press Play To Start.

Finally, you can tap on the play button to start the 99math game and relish the game’s design and learning factor. 


Q. How To Set Classroom In 99Math? 

You can select the game mode and topic before you press the “Start Game” button as a teacher. You can then generate a unique game code that can be shared with students to join your set class for free! As a teacher, the game also gives you the offer to share real-time feedback on each student’s performance in the gameplay as well! 

Q. Does 99math cost players? 

No, 99math is a free gameplay that also offers the multiplayer option to encourage teachers to conduct classes for practice. 

Which Grade Math Provided In 99math? 

The site offers all the major topics as well as all grade-level mathematics. 

How To Join 99math? 

You can swiftly join and set up your game practice by signing up for login free on the site or on the app version.

To conclude, the site is perfect for the students to utilize their playing time as well as practicing time for math.

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