How to Get More Instagram followers in 2023



Instagram followers are not just the number; they are the members of your online community. The more online community you have, the more traffic you get, the more sales you make, or you can turn yourself into a trendsetting influencer.

 Since the New Year has already commenced, you must understand the strategic ways to supercharge your followers on Instagram. This guide will unearth eight ways to help you build a cohesive community. So without further ado, let’s get started.

1. A clear brand proposition

You can’t be successful on Instagram or anywhere if you don’t have value propositions. When you are uncertain, it’s like walking into a shop and having no idea what it sells! So the clear value proposition is vital to convert visitors into followers. More so, buying real Instagram followers for brands also acts as a pillar to build a robust social presence.

2. Create share-worthy content (memes)

The organic reach can expand when you post highly shareable content. Share-worthy content is not always a brand’s posts or behind the scenes of your product. It includes informative carousel posts, memes and quotes. Memes mainly give your content a viral vibe and help reach thousands of new people. Memes generally combine both texts and imagery. However, account for the brand’s sentiments and your brand’s niche before creating or sharing any meme.

3. Collaborate with influencers and brands

Collaborating with like-minded influencers and brands provide you with an opportunity to tap into the pool of new and hyper-engaged audience. Remember, collaborations do not always break the bank. However, you can hire an agency that acts as a bridge between you and the potential influencer or brand. They’ll contact you with the influencers at a comparatively lower rate. By doing so, you can get more followers.

4. Invest in a hashtag strategy

If you have seen posts of brands, you probably know about hashtags! They are one of the most important tools at your disposal that you can use to expand your reach rate by 11%. If you are uncertain what hashtags to choose, use tools like later or can utilize both some generic and branded hashtags. However, there’s no right number of hashtags for brands to use, but it is good to start with 11 hashtags.

5. Host an Instagram giveaway

Instagram giveaways are the easiest ways to augment the reach and build a stronger sense of community around the brand. Entry requirements must align with your growth goal. If you are into growing followers, make sure you mandate everyone to follow your account to be part of the entry requirement. It is also good to collaborate with other brands whose target audience is the same as you.

6. Optimize the post caption for search

Optimizing the post is one of the critical hacks that one must put into consideration. If you want to rank posts organically, remember Instagram considers a number of things like the type of content, time of posting, captions, and hashtags. Be sure to write captivating posts to attract more audiences so the viewer can get what the purpose of your post is.

7. Use Instagram’s reels

If you are not utilizing reels for growth, you miss out on a huge opportunity. Instagram’s short form, looping video is one of the excellent ways to reach a broader set of audiences. Since Instagram has rolled out the ‘Reels’ feature now, it will become more convenient to get more followers. For better results, utilize keywords and hashtags in the caption and tell what your content is all about. Keep reels precise yet snappy to witness real success.

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