Clio Zammatteo, 40, for makeup and influencer with 3.4 million followers



Emerald green eyes, bright smile, contagious energy. Clio Zammatteo, a well-known make-up artist, has caught the attention of the social world (his Youtube profile has more than 1 million subscribers) and also of the small screen, with a television show broadcast on the Temps Réel television channel from 2012 to 2013 which definitely put him forward.

Creator of a beauty brand and host of a TV show Clio Make Up, Clio is one of the most relevant influencers of 2022. After living 13 years in New York, she returned to Italy with her husband and children. daughters Grace and Joy.

Clio Zammatteo, the intense career

If we talk about those who set trends in the world of beauty, it is impossible not to mention the famous Clio MakeUp: stage name of Clio Zammatteo, the main Italian youtuber and make-up artist who, thanks to her determination and her skills in the sector, has managed to upset, in a positive way, the vision of beauty bloggers. Clio has a bubbly personality and a unique passion in everything she does. To constellate the professional portrait of this make-up artist, there is also a biography written by herself entitled Tu es belle comme tu es, which traces the most important stages of her career, and her eponymous brand presented to the public in April 2017.

The same year, Clio becomes the mother of little Grace. Clio Zammatteo often likes to talk about motherhood and the sacrifices women make to learn to love their own aesthetic imperfections and accept themselves, as happened to her during pregnancy with her stretch marks. Also via social networks, the news of the second pregnancy of the youtuber, daughter Joy Clair, which arrived in 2019, announced with a tender video.

The relationship with followers

This is also another of the reasons why Clio Zammatteo is so loved by the public, who perceive her as a person extremely close to all of us. For this reason, Clio can be considered for all intents and purposes as a woman who, in addition to teaching us the perfect make-up, also leaves us lessons of a whole other kind, much more important and admirable.

The book

Clio Zammatteo was born on November 15, 1982 in Belluno. After he was born, the family moved to Germany and opened an ice cream shop. Clio hardly ever sees her parents and grows up with her grandparents. Due to the separation of his parents, he loses a year of scientific high school and decides to settle in Germany with his mother. After three years, she graduated and enrolled at the European Institute of Design (Ied) in Milan, where she met her future husband Claudio Midolo. In 2008, she opened her YouTube channel where she provides make-up advice. The channel is not very successful at first due to its shyness, but soon it will reach millions of followers. She currently collaborates with cosmetics brands like Pupa and also publishes a book with her advice: Clio Make Up – The Queen of the Web’s make-up school.

Clio Zammatteo products

In 2017, Clio Zammatteo created its first line of cosmetics sold on its Clio MakeUp Shop site. Her tips are vegan, cruelty-free and are the result of years of research, which is why they are so popular. Also in 2017, he opened a store in Milan, the ClioPopUp. In September 2021, Clio Zammatteo becomes the protagonist of the Clio Back Home program: a reality docu in which Clio talks about his professional and personal life. Indeed, after 12 years spent in New York, Clio returns to live in Italy and Discovery+ follows its events with this show – reality TV.


Clio and Claudio got married in New York in a ceremony with very few guests. Her favorite color for lipsticks is fuchsia. Fashion for many women and girls Clio has approached the world of makeup and beauty. makeup when she was only twelve years old, but thanks to the help of her husband, she decided to open a channel on YouTube.

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