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HalloweenNetflix | 10 sets to marathon this Halloween



In exactly nine days, the world will be able to celebrate a new Halloween – known here in Brazil as Halloween and celebrated on October 31. But for aficionados of horror and the whole theme – even if it’s just a chilling simulacrum – the date celebrations start at the beginning of the month and last every day of October. To help you, dear reader, to get fully in the mood for this appointment that we love so much, we are going to start a series of articles with advice on films and series that lend themselves very well to watching and celebrated on this occasion of scares and goosebumps, but also a lot of fun. Continuing the chronicle of this year, we continue with the most popular streaming and always the first when we think of the format: Netflix. This time, however, we’re going to focus on amazing marathon horror series. Check out 10 series below that we’ve picked for you to start the marathon by getting into the Halloween spirit.

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We start the list with one of Netflix’s most recent hits, which premiered on October 7 and is the house’s proposal for this Halloween. The 10-episode series is based on author Christopher Pike’s children’s horror book. But the real gimmick behind the show is the creation of Mike Flanagan, a filmmaker who quickly became one of the genre’s greats. The plot takes place in an old hospital housed in a mansion, where a group of terminally ill patients meet in the basement every day at midnight to share horror stories.

Enjoy watching:

Speaking of Mike Flanagan, the filmmaker has hit a goldmine in his highly successful partnership with Netflix, delivering one hit after another. Before O Clube da Meia-Noite, the director’s much-loved project at home was This Midnight Mass, a cult mini-series that was talked about last year, but which I think is still worth watching. and commented by more people. This is Flanagan’s version of Stephen King’s book The Vampires of Salem, albeit in an unstated form, and it talks about how men can misinterpret the teachings of the Bible and religions. A slap in the face to society.

Returning to Netflix’s hits of 2022, this series has been fully embraced by mainstream audiences which made it one of the hottest shows in the house at the start of the year. This one is for fans of the zombie universe – very popular these days. A South Korean production, the series hitchhikes on the phenomenon of Round 6, and tells the story of a group of students trapped in their high school, hoping for help, but having to act alone to escape during a disaster. an outbreak of zombies.

A different mini-series in 8 episodes, the program is created by Nick Antosca, the new darling of horror – among others, producer of the series Chucky. Here, the protagonist is Rosa Salazar (Alita), in the role of an aspiring filmmaker from the 90s, who does everything to succeed in her career, even supernatural pacts with powerful entities. Sleek and full of twists and turns, the series tackles relevant issues to address, such as abuse within the Hollywood industry, but subverts the theme with brushstrokes beyond the scary.

As in the Netflix Movie Tips article, the goal this Halloween is to bring options for all audiences and tastes, in the theme of spooky works. So, for those who don’t have much taste for stories that use supernatural elements, the request is this Ratched, an 8-episode series, which promises a second season. It’s a tour de force from the always terrific Sarah Paulson, and if you’re an older movie buff and think you’ve heard the name of protagonist Mildred Ratched somewhere, you’re more than right. This is an origin story for the character considered one of cinema’s great villains, the “hard-boned” nurse from the classic One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975), with Jack Nicholson.

This one is for nostalgic and classic horror fans. Last year, the Evil Dead franchise celebrated its 40th anniversary, with the release of Sam Raimi’s Death of the Devil (1981). There were three films and a remake, and in 2023 a new feature film will be released. Between the remake and the new film, fans have a lot to taste, since from 2015 to 2018, 3 seasons of the Ash Vs. Evil Dead series, which forgets the remake and serves as a direct sequel to the films of the 80s and 90s. Bruce Campbell returns as buffoon Ash Williams, the comedic and politically incorrect anti-hero acclaimed by horror movie fans.

Continuing with the theme of nostalgia, Sabrina – Apprentice of the Sorceress was a teen series that was a big hit with kids in the 90s, premiering in 1996 and running for no less than seven seasons. This horror show had nothing, and just toyed with the genre by being a kind of Modern Teenage Enchantress (1964). But when Netflix appropriated the brand, it decided to really use horror elements in its narrative, bringing some really dark and scary elements to the story – now taken in a more serious tone. Even so, the charisma of protagonist Kiernan Shipka prevails. The series ran for 4 seasons and is a great choice for Halloween.

Talking about Netflix horror shows for Halloween is almost synonymous with doing a Mike Flanagan special, basically. The subject is really a representative of the house and here, of course, we will make another recommendation using his name. After O Clube da Meia-Noite and Missa da Meia-Noite, we go back a bit further in time for a slightly, but not much, older tip from just 4 years ago. This was the director’s first partnership with a series product on Netflix, in which the filmmaker directed all 10 episodes. What Flanagan is doing here is adapting author Shirley Jackson’s classic short story “The Haunting of Hill House,” which has already been shown in theaters at least twice, and turning it into a powerful family drama, not to mention , of course, very horror and the usual class.

It’s the last, I promise. We won’t have any more Mike Flanagan series on Netflix to list here – even because he’s only done four at home (laughs). After doing a great job of piecing together Shirley Jackson’s tale, the filmmaker didn’t stop there and decided to deconstruct another classic book of the genre into a hard-hitting drama series. This time, the director’s target was “The Turn of the Nut”, by Henry James, an important and almost indecipherable horror book, very prestigious and cult. Flanagan casts some of the same actors as in the above item and centers the show as something of an anthology. And if you think about it, all of the director’s series on Netflix can be placed in the same box of excellence.

Finishing the article on Halloween tricks, we are not ashamed to choose a series that is very popular, but which is the face of Halloween. The advantage of celebrating this date is to bring family and friends together to watch films and series with a little scarier elements. But when the horror is too heavy, it can alienate some viewers. Just as we have films for the whole family, we also have horror films for the whole family, i.e. scary works in the right measure, which promise not to stray too far with graphic scenes, violence and heavy censorship. In this regard, Stranger Things fits in, the platform’s biggest hit, which mixes 80s nostalgia, for those who grew up in the decade or not, with elements that are only slightly scary – but a lot of good humor, please. and unforgettable characters. To know immediately, or to review the 4 seasons, while the fifth is not enough.

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