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Patient Care Network (PCNOK): A Healthcare Marvel




With the advent of technology in all forms of life and its aspects, there have been major contributions with each decade that has evolved ways of life for us, human beings. The major part of that necessary advancement is the improvement in medical science, that leaves great impact for the present and upcoming generations to build on. One of these is a great example of this drastic step ahead in technology in the medical field i.e. the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma PCNOK. 

With the Covid pandemic hitting the human kind with an immense speed in early 2020, life and the way we live changed for all of us. Many who suffered from chronic diseases felt the brunt of the full force of how difficult their daily routine got. Without being able to physically travel and check in for appointments and routine checkups due to the bizarre situation our world faces around the globe, it hit the technology sectors that the need to make a system that supports the patients suffering from chronic disease and elderly patients is the most crucial goal. 

This pivotal point was the advent in medical technology to reach inside the homes for patients if in any case they want to beat and face any oncoming outbreaks and difficult situations. This is where the Patient Care Network PCNOK made the real difference. 

How Has PCNOK Created An Impact? 

PCNOK full form Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma is an association of a group of primary care specialists in Oklahoma who have proved an impact on the medical science field and technology. They are one of the largest associations in the primary care sector for chronic patients. 

This can be better known as an easy to access technology for patients who can be treated from the comfort of their home. This leads to an advance of treating such patients who after pandemic faced this difficulty of traveling around due to protection and covid shutdown. PCNOK Patient care networking is the ultimate solution that proved that although difficult to perform but provided an end to end direct solution to this huge new obstacle for patients who aren’t able to travel due to any reasons. 

Therefore, this networking technology brought about a new face to the technology in medical science where it couldn’t be imagined before that primary healthcare givers can be present to monitor and watch patients with serious illness from their screens.

Patient Care Networking has proved that patients in any location can be remotely monitored without having to physically be present on the hospital bed. 

When Was PCNOK Founded? 

The Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma was founded in the year of 2014 and established in Oklahoma with a limited number of professional caregivers with the objective to apply on the practice of technological improvement of patient care giving. With an advanced coordinated clinical structure, the PCNOK organization has created their official base i.e. headquarters of PCNOK in the United States. 

By its clinically connected structure, we mean that the Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma is connected by an overall 19 Oklahoma health care centers that collectively work as an association to work to provide as an essential critical care givers association who have proved this advancement in technology. 

The main motive of the PCNOK is to contribute to this Patient care networking as a way to improve the procedures of care giving in a way that simplifies the traditional pattern of caregivers and patients physical connection for check ups and regulations. 

They are bridging the gap by making it a cost effective experience and training the medical providers to adapt to a new way of improved care giving to a group of patients that are either chronically ill with any hurdle to travel and after care of patients for the long term recovery and therapy. 

The Essential Benefits Of The PCNOK 

The positives of this technology improving has created a major impact in the field of medical science. From a face of enhanced treatment and improved monitoring with the means of global connection through online means, the Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma has provided numerous positives of the caregiving sector of medical science: 

Active Monitoring 

With the PCNOK, patients are actively monitored and checked in times during their lengthy recovery cycles that may otherwise increase chances of unsupervised activities that can endanger the health of the patients. This active monitoring due to the Patient Care Network

improves and saves patients from the likelihood of missed risky situations where sensors of the PCNOK evaluate these ill patients movements and their health status constantly. 

It’s a way to stimulate ways for an active therapy of patients and potentially save them from any risky health disasters by improving their lifestyle and conditions. 

Reduced Load Of Personal Care Givers 

With PCNOK, not only the patients are taken into consideration but their close relations as well be it their immediate family or friends who might otherwise be constantly on their toes out of worry to avoid any ill situations where the patients were not monitored in traditional ways and times of medical therapy and recovery. 

This leads to less load of supervision from the patients’ loved ones as they are rid of the stress and overtime of having to care for the patients whether chronically suffering or elderly for care at home. Due to PCNOK’s nature of caregiving, the technology has provided a better and less hectic way of supervising and recovery for patients and their families. 

A New Way For The Professional Providers 

PCNOK has not only eased the medical steps and flow for patients receiving the care and their closed ones but essentially for the professional care providers. This ease of monitoring and checking up on patients through an online connection without having to attend physically has paved a new way for the health care providers. 

The patients and the health care providers are directly connected for supervision and the professionals can keep a continuous track of record of their patients from all over the states and places, easing the way to real time connection with the patients over time. 

Time Saving 

With PCNOK, just like major benefit of any advanced technology that has simplified processes in all sectors of service, givers can connect without any physical traveling and supervision by professionals involved. 

They can perform the timely monitoring and the group of patients can receive it at the same time without any delay of waiting and making extra appointments or the professionals being bound of time and caregiving physically one by one.

Reduced Critical Times 

PCNOK has greatly reduced the critical points where patients potentially reach emergency situations due to lack of monitoring at times when traditional ways are followed for care. 

Their smart way of connecting and resolving patient’s issues punctually makes PCNOK satisfying and riskless affairs for patients and professional caregivers. 

PCNOK Objectives 

The main aim of PCNOK is to achieve their three main objectives of an enhanced way of caregiving service. The first of these main objectives of PCNOK is a finer level of care. 

This first objective is the fundamental aspect affecting the service providers and receivers both as with Patient Care Networking, all major elements of health affecting the populace like the mental health check ups, specific coaches for health and lifestyle of the patients for long term recovery and the adequate care staff remains active. 

The second main objective is economy for treatment, where the traditional route only allowed such a health care system confined to official physical spaces of health care centers. Now, with PCNOK patients are not restricted to necessary traveling to the health care centers or hospital, as PCNOK telecommutes the professional caregivers to the patients through online means. 

Any major health declines that would cost excessively would be eliminated due to active monitoring of the patients resulting in an economic way of treatment. 

The 3rd main objective of PCNOK is a healthy lifestyle where the caregivers motive is not just routine checkups but constant supervision in an advanced way allowing for remote assistance. 


PCNOK the Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma works to improve the fundamentals of caregiving by providing an online solution. Its basic objectives that it builds on is health care that’s accessible to all in an enhanced way that allows a cost effective and quality service.

PCNOK has proved its service due to its efficiency and patient satisfaction for a professional service without any expensive costs of constant traveling. 

For the new world order where advanced technology has saved time and cost for people in all service sectors, the patient care network has paved a way for a better healthcare system and larger benefit of the human race as we evolve in times where conditions and illnesses have expanded and need a sensitive health care system that is quality focused. 

Therefore, PCNOK is the ultimate solution if your loved one is a recovering or afflicted patient in present times.

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