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Golden Globe | Discover 8 cases of corruption and lobbying that have marked the history of the award



The audience for the 78th Golden Globe Awards collapsed this year, attracting 6.9 million people compared to 18.3 million viewers last year.

There are many reasons. One of Hollywood’s most traditional awards is also one of the most controversial. Year after year, controversial nominations highlight an archaic selection process based on few votes. Unlike the Academy of Oscars, which has nearly 10,000 members, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), responsible for the Golden Globe, has only 87 members. Recently, a lawsuit and a series of Los Angeles Times reports highlighted a history of lobbying and corruption. The entity, in recent years, has taken steps to curb corruption cases, but recent examples show that behind the scenes of the award is still controversial.

The controversies behind the Golden Globe and its association are so numerous that over the years, many presenters have made jokes about the low prestige of the ceremony. In 2011, comedian Ricky Gervais underlined in his opening monologue: “The Golden Globe is like the Oscar, but without this prestige. The Golden Globe is for the Oscar like Kim Kardashian for Kate Middleton. “Five years later, in 2016, Gervais attacked again:” Some Hollywood publications claimed that having performed the ceremony would drive out some stars, as if any star would miss the chance to win a Golden Globe, especially when his studio was paid. for the price. “

With that in mind, CinePOP has decided to call you back eight times when controversial claims made headlines in the film and television industry.

Emily in Paris (Golden Globe 2021)

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And there’s nothing quite like starting our list with the latest lobbying case involving the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. In September 2019, no less than 30 members of the organization were invited by Paramount (producer of the series) to visit Emily’s set in Paris, France. At the time, all members stayed in a five-star hotel, everything was paid for, and were entitled to exclusive visits to certain museums in Paris. In 2021, the series ended up receiving two nominations, despite mixed reviews from critics: Best Comedy / Musical Series and Best Actress in a Comedy / Musical Series (Lily Collins).

Burlesque (Golden Globe 2011)

Even though it was an outright failure from audiences and critics alike, Burlesque received three Golden Globe nominations, including Best Comedy / Musical Film. A few months before the awards, Sony invited several HFPA members to attend a presentation of Cher in Las Vegas, USA. Everyone stayed at a trendy hotel with all expenses paid. Sony and the Association justified the event as a mere international film competition, with journalists being accredited as part of their regular work, unrelated to the awards.

Pia Zadora (Golden Globe 1982)

One of the biggest scandals in awards history. Actress Pia Zadora received the Golden Globe for Revelation of the Year for her work on the little-talked-about butterfly. She has defeated actresses like Kathleen Turner and Elizabeth McGovern. To get an idea of ​​the extent of the controversy, the same year Pia received the Golden Raspberry for Worst Actress. But what motivated the Golden Globe Award? So … the actress ‘husband, producer Meshulam Riklis, paid for the HFPA members’ trip to Las Vegas, paying for accommodation, meals, concerts and casinos. The controversy was so great that the CBS network gave up broadcasting the ceremony in the following years. In addition, the Revelation of the Year category has ended.

Sharon Stone (Golden Globe 2000)

In 1999, actress Sharon Stone sent every member of the HFPA a watch for $ 400. The controversy was so great that the organization’s then chairman, Helmut Voss, demanded that the gifts be returned. Despite this, the actress received a Golden Globe nomination the following year for her unforgettable work on A Musa. After the controversy, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association limited the amount of gifts / amenities to be received by its members to US $ 125.00.

Tom Ford (Golden Globe 2017)

Another gift box exceeding the amount suggested by the Foreign Press Association occurred in 2017, when stylist and director Tom Ford sent one of his official perfumes to all members of the entity, which cost over $ 125.00. Once again, award voters had to return the goodies. Despite this, Ford received two nominations for his work on the film Night Animals, competing in the categories for Best Director and Best Screenplay.

Everybody Hates Chris (Golden Globe 2006)

Throughout his tenure, Todo Mundo Hates Chris didn’t get a Golden Globe nomination until 2006, after the first season kicked off. The production created by Chris Rock received a nomination in the category of Best Comedy / Musical Series. And Rock put a lot of effort into campaigning for his series, even sending a DVD player to every member of the HFPA.

The Tourist (Golden Globe 2011)

“I would like to dispel the rumors that the only reason The Tourist is nominated is because the Foreign Press Association wishes to fraternize with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, they also accepted a bribe,” he said. said Ricky Gervais in the opening monologue of the 2011 Golden Globe. The film, which was an absolute failure by audiences and critics, received three nominations: Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Comedy / Musical. While rumors of corruption were never confirmed, it is certain that the lobby was heavy on the studio to secure a nomination for the team. The news reports that Jolie has individually called on each member of the HFPA to defend her film. In addition, Sony allegedly used the same burlesque market in Las Vegas to promote The Tourist.

Denzel Washington (Golden Globe 1990)

In 2016, Denzel Washington took to the stage of the Golden Globes to receive the Cecil B. DeMille Award, the main honor of the award. In his speech, the actor and director recalled that he had to join the lobby to win his first Globe, in 1990, for his work in Tempo de Glória. “Some of you may know Freddie Fields (Denzel’s manager). He invited me to lunch with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. He said we were going to watch the movie. And he said, “We’re going to feed them. They will come. You will take pictures with everyone. You will be holding their magazines and publications, taking pictures and winning the prize. And I won that year.

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