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Gerry Scotti very launched with Maria, but the public betrays him: the news is official



Gerry Scotti started everything with Maria, but the public betrays her: the news is official. Bad news for the conductor of Canale 5

Now, there is no longer any doubt that the dominant Saturday night show in Italy is Tu si que vales, which withstood the impact of Dancing with the Stars. One of the secrets is the perfect harmony between the judges, Maria De Filippi and Gerry Scotti above all.

Gerry Scotti very launched with Maria, but the public betrays her (LaPresse)

Brilliant results that the popular Milanese animator is however unable to repeat with his game shows and the confirmation has just arrived with the official TV audience figures for Monday 31 October. In the Preserale, L’Eredità dominated, in its seasonal debut with Flavio Insinna, with 4,207,000, 26.08%. On Canale 5, on the other hand, Caduta Libera recorded 3,120,000 for 19.64%. On Rai 2 A box per day 384,000 (2.13%) while on Rete 4 Tempesta d’amore it totaled 773,000 viewers, 4.24% share, and on La7 Lingo – Mots en jeu 163,000, i.e. 1.06% .

In Access Prime Time on Rai 1 Soliti ignoti – Le retour recorded 4,513,000 viewers (23.46% share) while Striscia la Notizia on Canale 3,290,000 viewers, 17.13% share. On Rai 2 Tg2 Post obtained 751,000 viewers, 3.88% share while on Rai 3 Blob it collected 1,059,000, 5.91% and following Via dei Matti n.0 894,000, 4.83% , Il Cavallo e la torre 1,321,000, 6.93%, therefore A place in the sun which registers 1,457,000, 7.50%. NCIS: New Orleans on Italia 1 has 1,114,000 viewers, 5.78% share while Stasera Italia on Rete 4 has 1,055,000 viewers in the first part, 5.56% share and in the second part 956 000, 4.92%. On La7 Otto e mezzo recorded 1,553,000 viewers, share of 8.02%, while on Tv8 100% Italia it obtained 357,000 viewers, share of 1.86% and on Nove Don’t Forget The Lyrics recorded 540,000 viewers, share of 2.81%.

Gerry Scotti very launched with Maria, but the public betrays him: Canale 5 catches up during the day

On Rai 1, the Survivors series recorded 2,575,000 viewers, for a share of 14.57% and in the second, at the end of the evening, 2,313,000, 15.97; the net is 2,324,000, 16.11%. On Canale 5 Grande Fratello Vip (live) attracted 2,395,000 viewers, representing a share of 20.32%. On Rai 2 Tonight, Anything is Possible drew 1,655,000 viewers, 11.84% share. On Italia 1, the film Killer Elite recorded a net of 937,000 viewers, representing a share of 5.73%. On Rete 4 Quarta Repubblica, it was seen by 881,000 viewers, a share of 6.59%. On Rai 3, the film Return to crime recorded 658,000, 3.83%. On Nove Little Big Italy, it attracted 469,000 viewers, a share of 2.71%. On Tv8 Gomorra – The series was seen by 305,000 viewers, 1.67% share and 361,000, 2.27%. On La7 Grey’s Anatomy 18 got 338,000 viewers, 1.81% share and 253,000, 1.56%.

On Rai 1, Tg1 Mattina totaled 839,000 viewers, a share of 16.21%, while UnoMattina recorded 748,000, 15.93%; followed by Italian stories 703,000, 16.67% and 731,000, 14.17%; It is still noon at 1514000, 15.21%. On Rai 2 I fatti tua recorded 514,000 viewers, share 8.89%, and 806,000, 8.56%, while on Rai 3 Agorà it obtained in the presentation 400,000, 7.11%, in the program 303,000, 6.15%, and in the segment Extra 213,000, 5.15%, while Elisir in the presentation 150,000, 3.50% and in the program 300,000, 5.69%; after Tg3 Quante Storie got 607,000, 5.15% and Past and Present 488,000, 3.70%. On Canale 5, Mattino Cinque News obtained 1,110,000 viewers, 22.56% share and 832,000, 19.87% share, with Forum at 1,440,000, 19.93%. On Italia 1 Law & Order recorded 231,000 viewers, 3.51% share and on Rete 4 Monk gave the line to Tg4 with 75,000 viewers, 1.46% share and after Tg Il Segreto got 147,000, 1.51% and The Lady in Yellow 593,000, 4.65%. La7 obtained with Omnibus 200,000 viewers, 4.04% share, in the News segment 166,000, 4.36% and in the Debate 200,000, 3.82%; then Pause Café 177,000, 4.17% and The air that shoots 291,000, 5.41% and The air that shoots Today 447,000, 4.35%. BeautifulThe full cast of Beautiful (via screenshot)

On Rai 1 Today is another day registers 1,726,000 in the presentation, 15.24% and in the program 1,655,000, 17.50%, Il paradiso delle donne collects 1,729,000, 20.95% and to follow Live Life in the presentation 1,727,000, 19.67% and in the program 2,363,000, 21.82%. On Rai 2 Ore 14 it recorded 559,000 viewers, a share of 5.17%; Bella ma’ in the BellaQuiz segment 248,000, 2.73%, and in the program 329,000, 3.91%; In your shoes 186,000, 1.89%. On Rai 3, Aspettando Geo got 651,000, 7.77%, Geo 1,377,000, 12.34%.
On Canale 5 Beautiful recorded 2,365,000 viewers, share 18.55%, the TV movie Inga Lindstrom – Summer in Sommersby 1,500,000, 14.07%, GF Vip 1,229,000, 14.52%, Another Tomorrow 1,050,000 , 12.43%, Afternoon Five holiday in the presentation 1,087,000, 11.86%, in the program 1,660,000, 15.41% and in the I segment Greetings 1,522,000, 12.26%. On Italia 1, the first episode of The Simpsons recorded 671,000 viewers, 5.82%, while The Mentalist 290,000, 2.81%.

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