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Germany, mashed potatoes against Monet painting



Mashed potatoes against “Il Pagliaio” by Monet. This is what happened at the Barberini Museum in Potsadm, Germany, where two activists of the last generation organized another – controversial – form of protest against climate change. The collective is now known throughout Europe for the initiatives put in place to protest against the inaction of governments on the issue. A few days ago, in London, two of them threw soup at Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, this time it was Monet’s turn to suffer the same fate.

Germany, mashed potatoes against Monet

Indeed, two militants of the last generation entered the Barberini Museum in Potsdam and threw the mashed potatoes against the painting. Two others who accompanied them took care of recording the video. The painting, however, suffered no damage due to the protective glass affixed to the front. As happened, on the other hand, for van Gogh. The protests of the Last Generation, after the roadblocks set up in Italy (especially in Rome) continue.

Germany, mashed potatoes against Monet: the painting was not damaged

“I am relieved that the painting was not damaged and that we can soon reopen the work to the public. While I understand the urgency of activists in the face of climate catastrophe, I am shocked by the means by which they are trying to assert their demands,” commented the museum director. The group then shared the video of the protest gesture on social media: “If it takes a chalkboard – and mashed potatoes or soup thrown on it – to remind society that the use of fuels fossils is killing us all, so we’ll give you the mash on a chalkboard.” During their protest action, the two activists call on politicians to take effective measures to limit climate change. The painting does not belong to the museum but belongs to a private collection.

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