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For Mental Health Awareness Month, Back To Basics



Mental Health Awareness

In America, millions of people experience mental illness or suffer with it. Mental Health Awareness Month is held in May, and it is coordinated by Mental Health America (MHA). More Americans than ever had mental health issues as a result of the pandemic’s intensified isolation, unrest, and turbulence.

Mental Health Awareness Month’s 2023 theme is “Back to Basics.” When mental health is an issue, the topic offers basic knowledge about mental health and mental disease treatment alternatives. 

Ways to Raise Mental Health Awareness: We’re in this Together

The past several years have shown how everyone struggles under trying circumstances and how everyone needs assistance to succeed. 

The past several years have shown how everyone struggles under trying circumstances and how everyone needs assistance to succeed. The idea that mental health is a crucial component of overall health persists as we explore for new approaches to increase mental health awareness. But more has to be done to combat stigma, inform the public, offer assistance, and promote favorable legislation.

Together, we go closer to realizing our goal of creating a country where people with mental illnesses receive the support and treatment they need to live happy, healthy lives.

History of Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month is not a brand-new concept. The month is jam-packed with outreach and awareness initiatives. It was first honored in May 1949 by presidential decree. 

  • National Depression Screening Day 
  • National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day
  •  Mental Illness Awareness Week 
  • Minority Mental Health Month

When children enter adolescence, families frequently have difficulties. Too many teenagers struggle with mental health problems. A family may find themselves in a difficult situation when everyone has to be healed.

It is crucial to realize that despite annual advancements over the previous 73 years, there is still more to be done to increase public understanding of mental health issues and lessen stigma. 

Types of Mental Disorders 

The theme for Mental Health Awareness Month for this year is “Back to Basics.” Understanding some of the primary categories of mental diseases is one of the “Basics”. The following are a few of the common mental disorders:

  • Psychological disorders
  • Disorder of the mind
  • A severe depression
  • Psychosis
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Anxiety   
  • Learning disorders and ADHD  
  • Disorder of the Oppositional Defiant

Psychological disorders

Deeply rooted behavioural patterns that depart from the standards of customarily acceptable behavior are the hallmarks of personality disorders. These behaviors lead to long-term issues with relationships or performance.

Disorder of the mind

Everything is severe in those with bipolar illness. As an illustration, the television’s volume seems to be turned up all the way. 

A severe depression

Long-term lack of interest and a consistently sad mood are symptoms of major depression. Major depressive disorder frequently has additional symptoms such difficulty sleeping, guilt, or suicide thoughts.


Disconnection from or loss of contact with reality is a hallmark of psychosis. Paranoid illusions and grandiose delusions are frequent realities. 

Trauma and PTSD

Some people have PTSD and trauma symptoms after going through or seeing a terrible incident. No matter where you are in the globe, TRICARE will pay for your treatment because this is very common among military families.  


Anxiety is a sign of what therapists refer to as anticipatory anxiety or a reflection of an underlying issue that the individual is going through. 

Learning disorders and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Early signs that contribute to unfavorable self-perceptions include ADHD and learning challenges. Numerous studies have found that kids with ADHD might grow up to have anxiety, sadness, or other illnesses.

ODD, or Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Continuously disrespectful, aggressive, rebellious, and bothersome actions toward parents and other authorities that are severe enough to interfere with everyday activities are the hallmarks of ODD.

Although anybody can experience mental health issues, the LGBTQI+ community is significantly more frequently affected. People who identify as LGBTQI+ frequently go through tough coming-out experiences, societal rejection, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of prejudice that can negatively affect their mental health or trigger suicide ideation.  For people of all ages, seeking therapy may be a crucial and life-saving assistance. 

Balance Treatment Center and Mental Health Awareness Month 

Here at Balance Treatment Center, we are happy to promote Mental Health Awareness Month. We think that as mental health awareness rises, Americans will be more willing to support one another and seek help when they need it. 

Download the 2022 NAMI Awareness Event Guide for more details on how to increase public awareness of mental health. By acting when possibilities present themselves in your community, you may also join the effort to promote improved mental health treatment.

At Treatment Center, it’s crucial to spread the word, therefore we’re searching for ways to increase public understanding of mental health. As a mental health treatment facility, we are aware of the beneficial effects that effective care can have on our patients’ and their families’ lives. Millions of Americans struggle with mental health issues, and many of them feel alone in their struggles. 

Click here for a list of more ways to promote mental health awareness.

Center for Mental Health Treatment

Not every mental health condition need inpatient therapy in a mental health facility. You can seek assistance, and you have support. After that, you may locate a mental health care program that will enable you (or a loved one) to continue living your life. Searching for “iop mental health facilities near me” might have a profound impact on your life.

People of all ages need to feel empowered, identify their talents and weaknesses, and learn how to take care of their bodily and emotional health. Every member of the family has a part in ensuring its welfare.

Helpful Resources

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