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AOD-9604 and Lipolytic Activity Research




The topic of this article will focus on AOD 9604 peptide and the lipolytic activity research conducted thus far in laboratory and clinical settings.

Studies suggest synthetic AOD 9604 peptide was developed as a potential weight reduction help and obesity preventative as it may mimic the action of hormone growth. GH Frag 177-191 or AOD 9604 is a peptide derived from a modified form of growth hormone by duplicating the last 15 amino acids (177-191). Amino acids 177–191 and a tyrosine residue at the end comprise this segment.

AOD 9604 Overview

In the 1990s, researchers attempted to create proteins with properties similar to Growth Hormone (hGH) but with a specific action, leading to the development of the AOD 9604 peptide. The potential of AOD 9604 to boost metabolic rate, fat loss, lipolysis, and high plasma glycerol has subsequently been the subject of extensive scientific study and experimentation, the results of which are addressed in detail below. 

Studies suggest the synthetic Growth Hormone (hGH) fragment known as AOD 9604 may potentially activate the pituitary gland, possibly leading to increased metabolic rate and rapid weight loss. Researchers speculate the AOD 9604 peptide may exert its action through an oxidation mechanism independent of the hGH receptor, causing lipolysis and anti-lipogenesis (the prevention of fat synthesis). There are speculations that this peptide may cause weight reduction without impact on food intake, appetite, or insulin sensitivity. Multiple studies have suggested that AOD 9604 may cause fat release and decrease the formation of new fat and the body’s existing reserves of fat. This peptide has been the subject of many laboratory and research investigations, the results of which are detailed here. The potential properties of AOD 9604, as suggested by research, are:

  • It may induce fat loss 
  • Possible metabolic regulation mechanism mimicking that of natural growth hormone
  • It may kickstart lipolysis induction, and lipogenesis inhibition may 
  • It may not affect muscles at rest
  • It may reduce feelings of hunger
  • It may lack impact on insulin sensitivity and IGF-1 levels
  • The possible presence of growth hormone-like capabilities, including regeneration and cartilage repair

Scientists and researchers have hypothesized that the modified portion of hGH in the AOD-9604 peptide may be responsible for significantly inducing the fat-burning process, possibly also without stimulating the production of Insulin-like Growth Factor IGF 1.

AOD 9604 Peptide Research and Investigations

AOD 9604 Peptide and Lipolytic Activity

Chronic presentation of the AOD 9604 peptide in overweight mice for 14 days was used in a laboratory study to explore the peptide’s lipolytic potential. Studies suggested experimental subjects appeared to lose both weight and fat. These findings were correlated with the elevated amounts of ß3-AR cells, which are considered to be important lipolytic receptors. Compared to lean mice, obese animals given AOD 9604 peptide and hGH appeared to show comparable increases in the suppressed levels of lipolytic receptors. 

Additional investigations were conducted where AOD 9604 was given to mice with knocked-out lipolytic receptors to establish if the lipolytic action of AOD 9604 was connected with the enhanced lipolytic receptor levels. The AOD 9604 peptide appeared to cause an increase in energy expenditure and fat oxidation, which, in turn, appeared to lead to lipolytic action. Although these studies have suggested AOD 9604 peptides may possibly boost the expression of lipolytic receptors, the researchers speculated that AOD 9604 might be useful in fat removal regardless of the receptors. These results, which examined the chronic and short-term action of AOD 9604, suggested that although increased ß3-AR expression was crucial to the compound’s chronic efficacy, it was not the only arbitrator in this response. The researchers speculated that oxidation and increased energy expenditure might be critical to the peptide’s potential action.

The AOD 9604 peptide was given once daily for 19 days in a 2000 study with obese Zucker rats. After the trial, it was reported by the research team that all the rats’ body weight decreased by more than half compared to those given a placebo. 

AOD 9604 Peptide and Weight

300 obese test subjects were studied for 12 weeks in clinical trials of the peptide in 2004. Throughout the trial, there was no discernible change in the pace of weight reduction. Minor enhancements in the subjects’ lipid profiles and glucose tolerance were seen in the study outcomes. [iii]

AOD 9604 Peptide and Cellular Repair

The potential healing properties of the peptide were investigated further. In a 2015 study, 32 white rabbits were randomly assigned to receive either a placebo, AOD 9604, hyaluronic acid, or a combination of the two over 4-7 weeks. The degree of cartilage deterioration in these rabbits was determined after the research by analyzing their morphology and histopathology. Researchers suggested that a combination of AOD 9604 and hyaluronic acid resulted in the least deterioration in rabbits. [ii] Multiple clinical investigations have also suggested that the peptide may not impact glucose or insulin levels. It may considerably increase lipolysis and inhibit lipogenesis by replicating the natural hGH that controls body fat. Bone and cartilage regeneration are also areas where this peptide has shown potential, scientists suggest.

More investigation is required to explore its potential in scientific research, and these studies must continue. Only academic and scientific institutions are allowed to use AOD 9604 peptides. If you are a licensed professional interested in buyingpeptides for your clinical studies, visit the Biotech Peptides website. Please note that none of the items mentioned are approved for human or animal consumption. Laboratory research compounds are only for in-vitro and in-lab use. Any kind of physical introduction is illegal. Only authorized professionals and working scientists may make purchases. The content of this piece is intended only for educational purposes.


Mark Heffernan, Roger J. Summers, Anne Thorburn, Esra Ogru, Robert Gianello, Woei-Jia Jiang, Frank M. Ng, The Effects of Human GH and Its Lipolytic Fragment (AOD 9604) on Lipid Metabolism Following Chronic Treatment in Obese Mice and β 3-AR Knock-Out Mice, Endocrinology, Volume 142, Issue 12, 1 December 2001, Pages 5182–5189.

[ii] Dong Rak Kwon and GI Young Park, Effect of Intra-articular Injection of AOD9604 with or without Hyaluronic Acid in Rabbit Osteoarthritis Model, Annals of Clinical and Laboratory Science, Volume 45, July-August 2015.

[iii] News, Medical and Life Sciences, Obesity drug codenamed AOD 9604 highly successful in trials, 16 December 2004.

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