Fascinating Facts About the United States of America That You Should Know



The United States is a country that is one of the best countries in the world. Most of the people would love to visit the USA and later on they desire to stay there forever. There are a lot of business opportunities in the USA and the lifestyle is also very good.

America has a long history so there are many things about the USA that people don’t know. Like, do you know what the national sport of USA? If you just said baseball, you might be wrong. 

Anyhow, checkout these fascinating facts about the USA that you should know: 

The Statue of Liberty was Speaks French

I jest, but the people of France presented the United States with the Statue of Liberty in 1886 as a token of their friendship and gratitude for their long standing relationship. The Statue of Liberty is an important part of American history and a must-see attraction for anybody visiting New York City. 

It is often considered to be the single most recognizable representation of the United States.

Some 3 years later, for some reason, the government of the United States chose to present France with a Statue of Liberty replica that was somewhat scaled down in size. This is currently proudly displayed in Paris at the Pont de Grenelle, somehow near the iconic Eiffel Tower. Is it possible that the New York accent is used in the American version? Who can say for sure!

At one time, Russia Owns Alaska

Alaska did not belong to the United States of America until the earlier half of the 19th century. In point of fact, it has always been a component of Russia. It did not become a part of the United States of America until after it was purchased by the Americans.

In 1959, over a century and a half after Alaska was first admitted to the union, it was finally admitted as a state. The state today has a number of national parks, as well as Denali, the peak that is the highest point in the United States.

The Liberty Bell in London

The Liberty Bell, which dates back to the time of the American Revolution, is one of the few artifacts from that era that has been preserved and may be viewed by the public. At this location, which is housed in the Liberty Bell Center in Pennsylvania, information pertaining to the American revolution and other topics can be obtained.

It’s a little-known truth, but the Liberty Bell and Big Ben in London were both manufactured at the same place. This is both an interesting and somewhat rare fact. Both of these bells were cast at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, which is one of the world’s oldest bell foundries that is still privately held. 

Today, the Whitechapel Bell Foundry is still open for business; however, in order to do so, you will need to make your way to London.

Corn Used to Construct the Entire Palace

Indeed, there is a corn palace in the United States that is large enough to see in its entirety. Although it may appear to be the stuff of myths and stories, I can promise you that it is in fact accurate. When I saw it in person for the first time, I just couldn’t quite believe it. I mean, a palace that you have the possibility of eating.

In terms of scale, I’m not sure it can compete with the other Mt. Rushmore, but it surely does when it comes to kernels.

New York was New Amsterdam?

Before it was known as New York, the Dutch settlers who opted to make their home in Manhattan gave the area the name New Amsterdam when they first established a community there. 

The name “New York” did not originate until much later in the 17th century, when those pesky English had taken control of the region. The city was given its current name in honor of the Duke of York, who contributed to the city’s conquest.

Plaques have been affixed to the ground at the locations where New Amsterdam’s “wall” was constructed in the year 1653. On Wall Street of all places, this is undeniably a truth that is interesting.

London Bridge is in Arizona

This was the situation almost two centuries ago, but times have certainly changed since then, haven’t they? After learning that the London Bridge was about to be auctioned off in the 1960s, the Lake Havasu city in Arizona, which was requiring a new bridge at the time, made the decision to place a bid to bring it to their community. 

Because, after all, who wouldn’t desire those opening arches and famous towers? Wrong! This is a picture of the Tower Bridge in London. It is said that McCulloch, the individual who purchased the bridge, mistook it for Tower Bridge when he made his purchase. 

Despite this, he vehemently refuted everything I said. Regardless of the circumstances, the London Bridge has been relocated to Arizona. Definitely a lot less precipitation and fog!

The World’s Largest and Most Extensive Cave System

If you just scratch the surface of Kentucky, you’ll find that there are some amazing natural wonders just waiting to be explored. 

For example, Mammoth Cave National Park boasts the longest cave system on the planet and is a fantastic destination for cave explorers.

The only state that can be found in an Archipelago is Hawaii

The volcanic archipelago that is Hawaii is known for its stunning beauty. Consisting of a large number of islands, many of which have its own unique appeal. 

It’s interesting to note that Hawaii is the only state in the United States that’s made up entirely of islands.

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