Everything You Need To Know About ‘Wedding Season’ Season 2 



Till death do they apart! ‘Wedding Season’ season 2 is already on the wish list of everyone. Wedding Season is a comedy thriller series that focuses on Katie and Stefan. The two meet each other while attending a wedding and start a secret affair.

The plot twist is that Katie already has a fiancé. Well, during Katie’s big day [wedding day] her husband and his entire family are murdered. The investigators think that Stefan murdered Katie’s husband’s family.

On the other hand, Stefan thinks Katie did it. Who actually did it? Well, the whole series is quite thrilling to watch with a dramatic touch. Now since the release of the first season of Wedding season, spectators are wondering if there will be more. In that case, let’s explore!

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Will There Be A ‘Wedding Season’ Season 2?

The official announcement of Wedding Season season 2 is happening is still kept under wraps. At the time of writing, Hulu or the team of Wedding Season didn’t make an official statement on the renewal.

We believe that another season might take place. The show received excellent reviews from the audience. From the plot to the performance of the characters, everything has been widely praised by the viewers.

The ending of season one clearly hints that there should be another. We are still waiting on the official confirmation for Wedding Season season 2! 

In an interview, Gavin Drea talked about the mix of multiple genres in Wedding Season. He said, “With so much streaming, people have seen so many stories, and I think what’s great about this one is its ability to subvert the genres and our expectations.”

‘Wedding Season’ Season 2 Release Date Speculation 

If Wedding Season Season 2 gets confirmed anytime soon then we can expect the series to make a comeback with season two by late 2024 or early 2025. Despite being popular among the audience, the show is still awaiting a renewal announcement by Hulu.

The series was nominated for the Best Comedy at Broadcast Awards 2023. Therefore, we can’t make any official or confirmed comment on the release date. 

‘Wedding Season’ Season 2 Cast List

The second season of Wedding Season is not confirmed at the moment. If there’s another season we can expect the lead characters to make a return. It would be exciting to see how the story will unfold after the season one finale. The main characters of the series follows:

  • Rosa Salazar as Katie
  • Gavin Drea as Stefan
  • Jade Harrison as DCI Metts
  • Jamie Michie as DI Donahue
  • Omar Baroud as Jackson
  • Callie Cooke as Leila
  • Bhav Joshi as Anil
  • Ioanna Kimbook as Suji


Having Wedding Season Season 2 would be amazing to watch. If there’s another season we will most likely see more depth of the story of Stefan and Katie. What do you think?

Should there be another season of Wedding Season? You’re welcome to drop your thoughts in the comments section. We will keep you posted if there’s a possibility of another season! 


1. Is ‘Wedding Season’ Season 2 On Netflix? 

Unfortunately no! ‘Wedding Season’ season 2 is still not confirmed therefore it’s not available to binge-watch. 

2. Is ‘Wedding Season’ Season 2 Episodes Released?

No! Hulu and the team of Wedding Season still need to make a renewal announcement for the second season. 

3. Is ‘Wedding Season’ Season 2 On Disney+?

No! Wedding Season Season 2 still awaits renewal announcement. The second season is not available to watch at the time of writing.

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