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Ripley season 2 is highly anticipated by the audience after the premiere. The neo-noir show is based on a 1955 crime novel ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ by Patricia Highsmith. The show follows the story of Tom Ripley in 1950s New York. He is a down-at-heel con man that is hired by a wealthy man for a task.

Ripley has to convince his prodigal son to return home back to Italy. But things take a twisted turn for Tom after being exposed to a complex life of fraud, murder, and deceit. The brilliant work of Patricia Highsmith is appreciated by the audience. What makes the show more engaging is the black-and-white aspect. Let’s explore the possibility of another season. 

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Will There Be Season 2 Of Ripley?

Most likely no! This is because Ripley is labelled as a limited miniseries. But sources revealed last year, “there is a possibility to go beyond the first instalment if it’s a hit”. This has definitely raised hopes for the audience for Ripley season 2. Steven Zaillian also revealed the reason behind making the Ripley series.

“I’ve been a fan of Patricia Highsmith’s books for a long time. She wrote five about her most notorious character, Tom Ripley. When the chance came to tell the first Ripley novel in long form, rather than just the two hours of a feature, I took it. I felt I could get closer to the rhythms of her tale and Tom’s character this way. She sometimes describes events in real-time and in great detail, which is quite effective in linking us to Tom Ripley and somehow making us complicit in his crimes, and the longer form allowed me to do this visually.”

Ripley Season 2 Release Date Speculation

At the moment the show is labelled as a miniseries but there are hopes from the audience. Though Andrew Scott’s statement regarding Ripley season 2 has pointed out that we will not get the season in this year. He said, “It’s been such a long, long process with this one. I’m just very interested to see how this one goes out. To be honest, after this year, I’m just looking forward to taking a break.”

On the other hand, Andrew also talked about how there is enough source material to make another season. He said, “I think other ones are certainly possible. We have the rights to all the books, so we could do it. I’ll need a little break but yeah, I think he’s a good enough character that you could do more.”

Andrew Scott Is Taking A Break

Zaillian mentioned to sources that they would do it but on certain conditions. “I would do it again if I was able to, but by that I mean, do I have another five years to do it? I’d have to think about that aspect of it. But in terms of the character continuing, yes, I think there’s a lot more with Tom Ripley. Tom Ripley goes through a lot of changes over the course of the five books, and they’re all interesting, so, yeah, absolutely.”

Andrew Scott in another interview talked about taking a break after doing a lot of work in Ripley. He said, “I feel like [Ripley’s] been so long in the making and the gestation period has been so long. There are two things that I’m really focusing on. One is getting the show out. I’m so excited for people to finally get to see it. And the second thing that I’d like to do is to take a holiday.”


It would be exciting to watch Ripley season 2. The season will be an engaging continuation of Tom Ripley’s story. There are a lot of books that the team could cover. What are your speculations about Ripley season 2? Do let us know in the comment box below.

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