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Tokyo Vice season 2 is highly anticipated by the audience. It has been one of the top shows since its release. With its gripping story on the Yakuza, i.e. the mafia system of Japan, the show has been an enlightening watch. Tokyo Vice centers on the Yakuza, or Japanese criminal underworld, and is based on the book of the same name by writer Jake Adelstein.

To great reviews, the premiere season was published in 2022. One of the most important characters in the first season is Sato, whose ultimate destiny will be revealed in the second. All things considered, the initial season of Tokyo Vice is a suspenseful thriller.

It also does a good job of portraying Jake as a young reporter attempting to find himself in a foreign environment where his life is always in danger. Let’s explore if Tokyo Vice season 2 is in the works. 

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Tokyo Vice Season 2 Release Date Speculation

Tokyo Vice season 2 is happening! The second season of the show will be released in February 2024. The show was such a hit that this does not come off as a surprise. HBO Max will premiere Tokyo Vice season 2 episodes 1 and 2 on February 8, 2024.

The trailer also hints at some juicy details and exciting new directions that the season will take. We can’t wait for the second season to release, as it will further delve into the deeper underbelly of the mafia in Japan.

What To Expect From Tokyo Vice Season 2?

Tokyo Vice in itself was a masterpiece. We can expect much of the same quality in the second season. The upcoming season is set on location in Tokyo and is loosely based on American journalist Jake Adelstein’s first-hand account of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police beat. It delves deeper into the criminal underworld of the city.

Adelstein [Elgort] realizes that his life and the lives of those close to him are in grave danger. The majority of the initial season centers on Jake and Katagiri as they navigate Tokyo’s vicious yakuza and murky underground while looking into the Tozawa clan.

The showrunner of Tokyo Vice said on the upcoming season, “One of the engines of the series is seeing what happens when you’re young, ambitious, and incredibly talented, and you go for what you want, and you start to get it.

What does that mean? Heavy lies the crown, the saying goes. All of these characters are grabbing the brass ring, but then because of the world that the show is set in, the danger and the violence get heightened exponentially.”

Tokyo Vice Season 2 Trailer Is Here

As the trailer suggests, Tokyo Vice season 2 is filled with more tension, suspense, and danger. Jake, Katagiri, and other individuals seem to be facing difficulties as the yakuza employ increasingly harsh tactics to conceal their wrongdoings. Sato is shown lying in a hospital bed in the trailer. Tozawa is shown pursuing Jake with all of his might.

Jake is also the target of an unidentified assassin. Emi Maruyama instructs Jake to ‘chase it’ and ‘Don’t tell anyone’ in the meantime. Therefore, the show in itself is going to be a roller coaster ride full of unexpected twists and turns that will keep us on our toes. You can watch the trailer below!

Tokyo Vice Season 2 Cast & Characters 

The cast of Tokyo Vice has played a phenomenal role in expressing the feelings and actions of every single character. Now we can expect a return of the same in the second season. Tokyo Vice season 2 cast list includes names such as:

  • Ansel Elgort as Jake Adelstein
  • Ken Watanabe as Hiroto Katagiri
  • Rachel Keller as Samantha Porter
  • Show Kasamatsu as Sato

Miki Maya and Yosuke Kubozuka are two new actors. Naoki Hayama, a deadly criminal, is portrayed by Kubozuka. Maya portrays Detective Shoko Nagata of the National Police Agency, as a more daring character than Katagiri when it comes to taking on the yakuza. Therefore, the new and the old cast are going give a performance of a lifetime.


Tokyo Vice season 2 will be an adventurous watch for the audience. The season will be filled with leftover answers and more. We will hopefully get to watch the addition of new characters. What do you think will happen in Tokyo Vice season 2? Feel free to let us know your opinion about the newest season in the comment box!

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