Is ‘The Burning Girls’ Season 2 On The Cards?



Waiting for The Burning Girls season 2? Recently the supernatural thriller serial based on C.J. Tudor’s book, The Burning Girls, had a successful run on Apple TV+. In the series, Rev Jack Brooks, and her daughter Flo, are the main characters.

They move to Chapel Croft only to find that the place has a dark and haunted past. The audience of The Burning Girls has been eagerly waiting for the announcement of a second season following the initial successful run.

Although there has been no official statement of renewal on the part of Apple TV+, there are several indications that Season 2 is definitely on its way! Let’s explore The Burning Girls season 2. 

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The Burning Girls Season 2 Release Date Speculation

At the moment, The Burning Girls season 2 is still awaiting an official renewal. Therefore, we don’t have The Burning Girls season 2 release date. Critics raved about the show, calling it a suspenseful plot, strong performances, and atmospheric visuals. 

There was also a commercial success of the Burning Girls, which many viewers watched on Apple TV+. The initial season of The Burning Girls had a lot of questions left unanswered. That could be the reason the show creators are already working on a second season.

What To Expect From The Burning Girls Season 2?

The Burning Girls season 2 will likely begin from where the first season concluded. At the end of the initial season, the girls have run away from the cult, but they are still at risk. Season 2 would show the aftermath of their escape and possibly how the girls would start afresh.

Also, we could know more about the cult and its leader, and we may see the girls trying to stop them. The second season could even tell the story of how the girls healed from the experiences they had gone through.

If there is The Burning Girls season 2 may reveal more about the leader and motives of this cult, as little is known of their personal history. The girls may try to get rid of the cult on their own. However, it will not be easy. Chapel Crofts village may have a dark secret that the villagers are hiding and season 2 is likely to reveal more.

The Burning Girls Season 2 Cast

Unfortunately, no casting update for The Burning Girls Season 2, but likely the main cast will come back. Here are the lead characters of the show!

  • Samantha Morton as Reverend Jack Brooks
  • Ruby Stokes as Florence ‘Flo’ Brooks 
  • Conrad Khan as Lucas Wrigley 
  • David Dawson as Aaron Marsh 
  • Paul Bradley as Reverend Brian Rushton 
  • Janie Dee as Clara Rushton 
  • Jane Lapotaire as Joan Hartman 
  • John Macmillan as Mike Sudduth Élodie 
  • Grace Orkin as Rosie Harper 
  • Rupert Graves as Simon Harper

The author C.J. Tudor penned on social media about the characters and said that they “could not be more thrilled that these fantastic actors are bringing my book to life.”


In general, there are many reasons that The Burning Girls season 2 is on the cards. The show is a hit with both critics and audiences, and there are many unexplored questions that should be explored in a second season.

Another season would be like a treat to the audience. Whatever happens, we will keep you posted on the latest developments. What are your speculations about the possibility of the upcoming season? Feel free to drop your opinion in the comment box below!

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