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We all have been waiting for Luther season 6. Let’s explore the possibility of another season. The British crime drama series, Luther, was created by Neil Cross. In the series, John Luther is the brilliant, but unorthodox detective who is played by Idris Elba.

He works for the London Metropolitan Police’s Serious Crime Unit. The series is renowned for its moody darkness, complex characters, and stunning storylines. Luther has won two Golden Globe Awards and two Emmy Awards. Now this show definitely deserves another season.

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Luther Season 6 Release Date Speculation  

Luther fans can’t get enough of the drama. And awaits the renewal with fingers crossed. Luther Season 6 is sadly not on the cards. The creator of the series Neil Cross confirmed that there would not be a sixth season.

Cross said, “There is not going to be a season six — definitively no season six.” He clearly mentioned this to another outlet too, “There will never be another TV show.”

However, he did not eliminate the chance of returning to the Luther universe in the future. He talked about the ending of the film ‘In Luther: The Fallen Sun.’

“We definitely have aspirations for the future and we do know who’s in the car, and those two facts are not unrelated.”

Why Is Luther Season 6 Not Happening?

For a while now, there has been some speculation as to why Luther season 6 is not happening. According to speculation, Idris Elba is a busy actor and it could take a lot to get him for another season of the show.

One reason is that the show already has five seasons with new storylines for the character becoming a challenge. So these factors can add up in wrapping up the show for good, unfortunately.

What Could Have Happened In Luther Season 6?

Though Luther season 6 is not happening, we can still speculate. The storyline would continue from where the fifth season ended. The fifth season saw Luther being framed for the murder of his ex-colleague-lover, DS Alice Morgan. 

He was later exonerated, but the trauma is what he carries with him. Season 6 of Luther would’ve been a dark and suspenseful season that would examine Luther inside. The season would also be timely and would touch on the issues of corruption and injustice

In an interview that took place a long time ago, Idris Elba teased us on what to expect if there is another season. He commented that “the season delved into Luther’s inner turmoil,” describing the season as “a lot darker” than previous seasons.

Idris Elba Talked About His Interest Of Making Luther 

In a 2023 interview, Idris Elba was asked about the possibility of a sixth season of Luther. He said that he is “open to the idea,” but that it would have to be “the right story.”

Elba also said that he would like to see Luther “go international” in a sixth season. He said that he thinks it would be interesting to see Luther “investigate a crime that takes him across borders.”


Though Luther Season 6 is canceled, there are still hopes for the story to continue in some other way. Idris, Elba, and creator Neil Cross are willing to be back in the Luther universe. If there are any updates like this in the future, we will keep you posted. What are your thoughts on the canceled? Feel free to drop your opinion in the comment box.

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