New Netflix movie-Luther The Fallen Sun: Who is the chief at the end?



Based on his British TV series of the same name, Neil Cross has adapted his screenplay for the murder thriller ‘Luther: The Fallen Sun,’ which is currently streaming on Netflix. Jamie Payne directs the film, and it stars Idris Elba in his original role as DCI John Luther. In the film, Luther crosses paths with tech tycoon turned serial murderer David Robey. Luther is unable to apprehend Robey because of his time spent behind bars and his ruined reputation. When Luther defeats Robey, they both emerge from the ensuing combat to be confronted by The Chief, a mystery government operative. Learn everything about The Chief and how his presence will change Luther’s destiny here! WARNING: The following contains spoilers.

Luther: The Fallen Sun- What Happens at the End?

DI John Luther’s investigation into the disappearance of Callum Aldrich, a teenager, soon evolves into a murder investigation. Luther was making headway in his search for the killer when news of his atrocities spilled to the press. This leads to Luther’s imprisonment and the destruction of his reputation. While incarcerated at Turfsmoor Prison, Luther receives a radio call from David Robey (Andy Serkis). So committed is Luther to finding the serial killer that he breaks out of jail to do it. Assisted by DI Odette Raine, Luther pursues Robey around London before finally locating him in Norway (Cynthia Erivo).

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At the show’s climax, Luther baits Robey into bringing cops to his lair. Robey tries to get away, but Luther is hot on the serial killer’s trail. A frozen lake that Robey was using to dispose of his victims’ remains becomes the focal point of a fight between the two men. So that Robey can pass out, Luther holds him down. Robey is considered dead when he slowly slides to the bottom of the frozen lake. In contrast, Luther’s wounds become too much for him, and he passes out. But fortunately, a group of paramedics arrives just in time to save his life.

Who Is the Chief?

After their battle, Robey and Luther went at it, and Luther came out of it with serious injuries and on the verge of death. Fortunately, Luther is rescued in time, and medical professionals tend to his wounds. Awakening in the nick of time, Luther realizes he is somewhere new. Luther’s longstanding supervisor, Martin Schenk, comes to see him when he begins to feel better. Schenk explains that the government has a safe house where Luther is being held. Yet, Luther is taken aback by the government’s offer because, after his jail break, he became a wanted criminal and a national embarrassment.

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