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Waiting for 30 Coins season 3? After all, following the wild conclusion of the second season, the audience was left wondering when new episodes might premiere. The captivating horror show 30 Coins revolves around Father Vergara, an exorcist with a dark background. He becomes embroiled in a mysterious occurrence in the town and turns to Paco and Elena for help. 

Father Vergara quickly discovers that the coins he possesses may have something to do with the mystery. Then starts the wild show filled with supernatural and horror elements that make the audience feel excited and scared at the same time. Let’s see if HBO has renewed 30 Coins season 3.

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30 Coins Season 3 Release Date Speculation 

The show 30 Coins season 3 is still pending a renewal. However, there is still a lot of hope. Star Paul Giamatti said in a recent interview that the show’s creative team is already planning to do a third season of 30 Coins. 

The official statement reads, “I can only tell you that I know that they plan to do a third one; I would love to do it and would happily do it. There’s talk of it happening, so hopefully. I’m on board if they want me. Yeah, I’m on board. If they want me, I’ll do anything that guy wants to do. If he wants to do another movie or something, I’ll do anything with that guy. He’s fantastic.”

The filming for 30 Coins season 2 began on February 11, 2022, and the season did not premiere until October 23, 2023. Keeping this in mind we can expect that the third season, if renewed, might release in late 2024. Whatever date it takes, we’ll be right here to keep you posted. 

What To Expect From 30 Coins Season 3?

The show took quite a crazy turn in the second season. Christian Barbrow called the Eye of God to wipe out reality at the end of Season 2. But he managed to avoid God’s wrath since an old UFO had guided him and a small group of people into a new realm. 

Despite the appearance of the show’s original reality being destroyed, a few of its heroes—Vergara, Elena, Paco, Mercedes, and Santoro—survived to travel between realms. For Christian Barbrow, is he content where he ended up? Otherwise, he might wish to try again and call upon the Eye of God for a second round. 

The surviving passengers will have to make do with the planet they are now. Because it does not appear like there is a way to go back. Things will become complex since there are clones of them all over the place. For example, there is a version of Elena and Vergara that appears to be running Pedraza together and in a love relationship. 

All this must be complicated for the leads to figure out and we would see the ramifications of this big change in season 3. Therefore, season 3 will be full of mystery intrigue, and a lot of adventure.

30 Coins Season 3 Cast & Characters

As the cast plays a major role in season 2, it will be definite that they will return if season 3 is happening. There might also be some alternate dimensions shenanigans going on which means some actors might be doing double roles in the next season. We can expect to see the following characters in 30 Coins season 3.

  • Eduard Fernández as Padre Manuel Vergara 
  • Megan Montaner as Elena 
  • Miguel Ángel Silvestre as Paco
  • Macarena Gómez as Merche
  • Pepón Nieto as Sargento Lagunas
  • Javier Bódalo as Antonio


30 Coins season 3 would be an adventurous watch for the audience. It’s expected to be filled with mystery and drama. We hope to see the new season soon. What are your opinions about a possible season 3? Let us know in the comment box.

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