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Dylan Mortenson: All About The Idaho Murder Case Survivor



Dylan Mortenson

Are you curious about the mysterious murder case involving the only survivor, Dylan Mortenson? What happened to her, and how is she related to the Idaho murders case? Well, we will quench your thirst for detailed answers by providing all the updates on the horrible case of 2022 that made headlines! 

Let’s get started with the initial reports on how Dylan Mortenson survived. 

Who Is Dylan Mortenson, And How Did She Come In The News? 

Dylan Mortenson is an ordinary 21 year old ambitious girl who is a student of the University of Idaho. She is currently known as the survivor of the Idaho murders that took place on the unfateful day of 13th of november, 2022 in Idaho! 

Dylan Mortenson was sleeping in her shared residence with some other fellow university friends when in the morning hours of the november day, the murders took place. Four of her fellow Idaho friends are identified as 21 year old Madison Morgan, 20 year old Ethan Chepan and the same age Xana Kernodle and Kaylee Gonclaves who tragically got murdered in this case. 

Dylan Mortenson survived this horrendous murder as she was inside in her room on first floor and her murdered friends were up in their shared rooms on the second and third floor of their shared residence out of university at King Road in Moscow, Idaho. 

The murder case is finalized to be a burglary case however, resulting in the tragic murders of Dylan Mortenson’s friends who were university going innocent students. Mortenson was at first suspected as she survived the cold blooded murder while still being inside the residence and also didn’t experience any theft. However, the parents of the murdered students confirmed their complete trust in her innocence as she survived the trauma of this murder inside their residence and losing her close friends. 

As the details of the murder case came into the public light, it was inevitable that Dylan Mortenson became part of the headlines as the survivor. She recounted the whole incident and how she came to know of the presence of the burglar after he had already carried out the murders of the 4 innocent residents in the house.

The evening of the murder was an ordinary affair as she was awake with the other surviving house mate, Bethany Funke! As per her account, she noticed the murderer wearing a black mask with black clothes and didn’t pay heed as she mistook him to be any of her housemates friend or acquaintance.However, she opened her room door as she heard unusual noises from the floors above. Dylan Mortenson reported in her account that upon her looking out of the room after hearing noises, she saw the same black masked man who passed by her out of the house!

Although, at first it seemed quite strange that the murderer didn’t attack Dylan Mortenson and the other surviving house residents however,it became trusting that she is a lucky survivor as the murdered friends’ relatives put their complete trust and support to her. However, as Dylan Mortenson turned out to be the main close survivor in the creepy murder case, she became a name linked in the news reports. 

Unusual Details About The Idaho Muder Case Involving Dylan Mortensen 

Just as any curious murder mystery case, the Idaho murder case also involves some mysterious details that leave the investigators and readers creepily fascinated! 

After the murders took place of the four innocent housemates of the surviving Dylan Mortenson, the murder went unreported or notified for the next 8 hours after it happened. Now, the curious detail about this case is that Dylan Mortenson and the other surviving housemate did see the murderer walking out and got to know about the murder right after it happened as per their own reported account. 

It made the investigators instantly curious as the case involved a lot of missing details. However, it was later confirmed by one of the murdered victim’s lawyers that Dylan Mortenson was free of any blame as she was simply traumatized by what she experienced to report it immediately. Hence, it was concluded that the surviving reporters are free of any blame. 

The victims who tragically died as part of the incident showed physical hints and signs of trying to defend themselves from the murderer. Hence it is also a creepy detail that the murderer got the chance to murder them while the surviving Dylan Mortenson and other residents were in the same house. 

How Did Dylan Mortenson Help In The Idaho Murder Case?

Being the primary recounting survivor of the bloody incident, Dyaln Mortenson helped by explaining the physical details about the appearance and gender of the murderer. This led the investigators close to bring justice as the murderer Bryan Kohberger was caught to be the main suspect who carried out these murders

Dylan Mortenson is a brave survivor as she faced the murderer and escaped with the surviving house mates. Their account greatly helped the investigators to solve the murder case as they showed their cooperation in spite of the trauma of the murder incident and losing their close friends and fellow housemates! 

In the memory of the tragic incident and being the survivors of the Idaho Murder event, Dylan Mortenson and the other survivor got matching tattoos to pay their respect to their lost friends who were victims. 

Last Word 

We hope the information above was enough to fill you in on all the important details about who Dylan Mortenson is and how she is linked to the tragic Idaho murder case!

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