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Discover the 10 most popular movies on HBO MAX



Hbo Max is successful in Brazil. The I streaming service brings a veritable collection of movies and series, including classics and news. Hbo Max goes beyond the previous service offered by the platform, Hbo GO, and promises to shake up the market in the coming months with some very hot productions, including the entire Warner Bros. catalog, one of the most Hollywood’s biggest and oldest studios – owner of an endless list of popular productions.

While this is an exciting start in our home countries, Hbo Max has been up and running for over a year in the United States and a few other countries around the world. There, he promoted simultaneous premieres of his productions in cinema and on the platform, in a controversial decision that made a lot of talk.

To celebrate the launch of the platform in our country and help subscribers who want to use the service to choose immediately what to watch on Hbo Max, we bring this new article with a study carried out by the JustWatch site on the ten films that have become the most popular in this year of operation of the last streaming of the play. Find out below.

The Lord of the Rings is a franchise that has managed to make the perfect transition from a classic literary work much beloved (and considered unsuitable for cinema, by the way) to a trilogy that has become one of the most beloved in the world. history of the seventh of art. And one of the most prestigious too. If you don’t believe it, just check out the more than awe-inspiring history of these Oscar films. The man in charge is Peter Jackson, the man who made the impossible possible. Even if that’s not really your thing, the precise craftsmanship of the trilogy needs to be recognized. At Hbo Max we have the full trilogy in our catalog, but that was just the start, The Fellowship of the Ring, the platform’s most popular film in its first year of operation. Tolkien fans cannot be beat.

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No kidding with the current power of superheroes! Warner owns the rights to all characters in DC Comics’ vast library. Have you ever thought about it? The possibilities are limitless. Even second-tier characters like Suicide Squad saw the sunlight and won two films in theaters, with the second set to be released soon (does anyone doubt this will be the studio’s new hit?). Going back in time a bit, one character that was very successful with audiences was Wonder Woman in the form of Israeli Gal Gadot. And after a very favorable 2017 debut with her solo film, the actress returned for another turn as a character with the equally successful Wonder Woman 1984 – which plays with the mythology of an unforgettable decade. Blockbuster is the flagship streaming of this release in Brazil.

Japanese animation launched in 2004, The Animated Castle is part of the extraordinary collection of studios Ghibli, one of the most famous in the region in the world. Its stunning animations always have an adult context and are more sentimental and complex than the little ones could grasp. Much of the studio’s collection is currently available in rival Netflix’s catalog, but Hbo Max has already arrived in Brazil, making a few works from the house available as well. One of them is this one that talks about spells, witches, loneliness and a castle that walks on big mechanical legs thanks to a revolutionary invention. The film was nominated for an Oscar and is among the most beloved mainstream productions of all time.

Another very recent film. This one, unfortunately, is not yet available for Brazilians in the Hbo Max catalog. As said, in the United States, a deal has been made to have Warner’s biggest releases also available on the streaming platform as they go. to movie theaters. Around here, the situation will not be quite like that. In any case, the Brazilians will have to wait a little longer to see the duel of the greatest titans of pop culture on screen. To warm up, Hbo Max makes available in its catalog the first two films that are part of this cinematic universe: Godzilla (2014) and Kong: Skull Island (2017), but this leaves something to be desired due to the absence of Godzilla II. : King of the Monsters (2019)). Oh, Hbo Max, let’s make it right. The fans are grateful.

If you don’t have Godzilla vs. Kong, at least has the best film of all time. Would that be okay with you? Well, kids today might not be too impressed, after all, this is a 1941 film, in black and white. But all the pundits, critics and moviegoers still count Citizen Kane on their list of the best productions of the seventh art. Netflix’s Mank (2020) arrived to resurface the mythology surrounding the creation of the classic, received numerous Oscar nominations, but that may not have helped the cause much, after all it resulted in too heavy and dragged a film. Citizen Kane does not create this barrier between the audience, quite the contrary, it is easily accessible and promises to appeal to all who venture into this colossal story of the man who had everything but nothing. This is the real heart of the work, which is more to A Rede Social (2010), another film by David Fincher, than to Mank. To believe.

It is undeniable that twenty years ago in cinema, the fantastic genre was revolutionized thanks to two great productions. The first one we already mentioned in the first item on the list: The Lord of the Rings. The second is precisely this, which is the first chapter in the adventures of pop culture’s most beloved and popular little wizard: Harry Potter. With these two traits, the magical world opens up to the eyes of the general public, captivates children and makes adults become again. Unlike the serious and charged tone of The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter is lighter, funnier and more welcoming, proving to be good entertainment for all audiences and starting what would become one of the greatest sagas in the seventh art.

Speaking of Ghibli Studios, another in-house production made it to the top 10 most popular movies in Hbo Max’s first year of operation. Chiriro’s Journey is perhaps the studio’s most famous film outside of its home country. This is because the movie about a little girl going to a magical world after her parents became pigs, needing to find a way to save them, was exported around the world after being nominated for an Oscar in the best animated film – the first of the studio to pull off this feat – and win the award by beating industry giants like Disney (Lilo & Stitch and Treasure Planet), Fox (Ice Age) and Dreamworks (Spirit: The Raging Load). Since then, the hype around Chihiro has only increased, and he has even managed the feat of putting Ghibli’s name on the map of Brazil and the world.

Highly regarded, this dramatic feature film was one of the most discussed films of the past year. Debuting at Sundance and then traveling to Berlin, the film chronicles the trajectory of teenage girls from a small rural town in the United States, traveling to the big city to seek medical help to terminate their unwanted pregnancy. . A controversial subject in Brazil and in the world, but treated very seriously and with delicacy. The film was a huge hit in circles of critics and moviegoers around the world. Unfortunately, this is another one that is currently not available in the Hbo Max version in Brazil. It’s still not clear if the platform will bring the film here, but for those who want to check out the feature, it’s available on the Telecine Play platform.

This is another which is still not found on the Hbo Max platform in Brazil. An absolute classic of the ’80s and Sunday open TV shows, the original Duro de Matar (1988) made Bruce Willis’ career, turning him into an action star. We’re sure everyone has seen this great movie countless times, but those who want to watch it again still won’t be able to find it in the catalog here – in the US, on the other hand, it is among the most popular. Perhaps a search for other streaming is necessary to be able to watch this classic. However, after the takeover of Fox (the studio responsible for the film) by Disney, the feature film will soon be included in the Disney + collection. Well, we can only say that Mickey’s studio sucks.

This does not need to be presented. And just like Wonder Woman 1984, we’re pretty sure it’s used as a flagship when it comes to selling the platform. One of the biggest movie successes of recent years, the Batman villain’s solo film has become something of a precedent, a real social movement. Even those who don’t know the character from the comics, or even those who don’t even like superhero movies can sit and watch the movie, it is unlike anything else. To believe. But beware, the Oscar winner Joker, nominated for best picture, is tough, disconcerting and quite violent. He has no bite or modesty. And it was done as it was supposed to. Like a mix of Taxi Driver and Clockwork Orange. You can feel the drama here, can’t you? Joaquin Phoenix is ​​simply stunning, deserved the Oscar for Best Actor, and portrays a very disturbed man who is both melancholy and threatening.

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