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A good suspense is one that holds you – not exactly from start to finish, but with something in your story that makes you want to go until the last minute to find out the truth about a certain element brought up in the plot. . In a vast catalog of options like Netflix’s, non-hegemonic productions – American or European – hardly ever appear as an option to the viewer, as statistical data tends to deliver what everyone sees, depending what the subscriber is already watching. on your account. Hence the surprise when a Thai film, like ‘Secredos nas Paredes’, ends up in the national Top 10.

In the film, Putt (Mac Nattapat Nimjirawat) and Pim (Sutatta Udomsilp) are two brothers whose mother, Mai (Nicole Theriault), has just been promoted at work. On her way home, Mai has a car accident and ends up in a coma, so Putt and Pim go to live with their mysterious grandparents, who mysteriously reappear after their daughter’s accident. Although they don’t know them, the siblings move in with them because they are minors, but when they get home they start to hear noises and see things that the two old people claim they can’t. not notice. Until one day Putt observes a hole in the wall, and as he looks through, he begins to see bizarre scenes of a child (Keetapat Pongrue) coughing up blood and crawling. But the location through the hole is very similar to the house where he and his sister now live …

Lasting two hours and five minutes, ‘Segredos nas Paredes’ has its ups and downs, but all in all it offers a good suspense for those who like this kind of film. The debut of Wisit Sasanatieng’s film opens up possibilities that do not materialize in the plot (the promotion of the mother, her encounters; the bullying friend of the brother who threatens him with such a video and does not stop the to mention: none of this is used in the plot, so if we wiped it out and swapped it out for half a dozen everyday scenes, the movie would shorten its length and not bore the viewer with it. so much unnecessary information).

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Apart from this initial arc, the storyline of Abishek J. Bajaj is even more interesting in the second and final part, that is, in the development of the suspense and the horror scenes that follow from it. Reinforced by the almost theatrical reactions of the two protagonists and the grandmother, the plot unfolds to tell a story inspired by the concept of the wormhole, and ends with a sequence of twists that shake the plot, saving the production. of his sleepy beginnings.

For those who love stories full of suspense, full of mystery and secrets impossible to reveal, “Segredos nas Paredes” is a movie to watch with the lights off. There are even gory and ghostly horror scenes to spice up the production. It’s not scary or even a knot in its head, but it catches the eye with a simple story, overly convincing performances, and good explanations for the problem it poses.

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