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Cecilia Rodriguez is ready, announcement soon: life is about to change



Cecilia Rodriguez is ready, announces soon: life is about to change. These pictures are very clear, there is news in sight

They were also present at the Gran Galà del Calcio, the Associalciatori party to celebrate the past season. And everyone noticed them, because usually Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser do not go unnoticed. Even more with what happened last night.

Cecilia Rodriguez (Instagram)

Cécile chose a black dress, very elegant and also very tight. Perhaps even too much, because for the past few hours suspicions have become certainties and the rumors of recent weeks have turned into reality. The alleged pregnancy of Belen’s sister in the eyes of all? Let’s say the belly is noticeable and not even a little, although she hasn’t confirmed anything yet.

But to this are added the discomforts of which he had complained in recent weeks, partly shared with his fans. Already then, many had imagined that there was good news to come even though the couple had kept the strictest silence, perhaps waiting for an announcement.

Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser, the belly is suspicious (LaPresse)

Cecilia Rodriguez is ready, announces soon: life is about to change. Does the life of two become three?

Cecilia and Ignazio met 5 years ago at Big Brother Vip and have never left each other since. A temporary crisis, in the summer of 2020 which only lasted a month. And persistent rumors of alleged betrayal by the former cyclist, always denied to the sender. They’ve been living together for a while, they’ve even bought a new house, and many think it’s a good time to expand their family.

A few months ago, she replied to those who asked her how much she wanted to become a mother: “I am of the theory that everything, but above all a child who I think is the most important and most beautiful thing in the world must come at the right time.” Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio MoserCecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser (ANSA)

This idea is not an obsession for Cecilia, but in an interview with the weekly ‘Chi’ in the summer of 2021, she confessed that “seeing my sister, I experienced all the aspects of pregnancy and m made me want to become a mother even more. I am very attached to my family and, thinking of the granddaughter who will arrive, I dream of having a son or a daughter who will grow up with her. When I was little I was playing at being a mother, it’s something I have inside and I hope it will happen soon”. Maybe we are there.

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