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Bonus 150 euros November, it’s not a joke: all beneficiaries



Bonus 150 euros November, it’s not a joke: all beneficiaries. News on the account of millions of Italians, let’s see how it works

One bonus leads to another, also because we still don’t know how long it will last. But the effect of the support put in place by the Draghi government is still being felt in the pockets of Italians and a new demonstration is about to arrive. In fact, November will open with the Bonus of 150 euros for different categories of workers and pensioners.

Bonus 150 euros November, not a joke (Pixabay)

Another economic support that aims to counter the effects of price increases due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, and therefore to the energy crisis that has hit the country. A one-time bonus for the self-employed and retirees which for many will arrive directly with the payroll or the November 2022 slip.

For workers in particular, support will come directly from the employer as long as the maximum monthly salary threshold of €1,538 is respected. For the self-employed and pensioners, on the other hand, a different ceiling has been set, based on the income received during the year 2021.

Bonus 150 euros November, it’s not a joke: all those who are entitled to it

Let’s see together who is included in the November Bonus of €150. Employees, in addition to the gross salary ceiling, must not be holders of retirement benefits, recipients of social checks, pensions for civilian invalids, blind and deaf-mutes. In addition, they must not be holders of citizenship income and must have one or more active employment relationships, in the public or private sector, by November 2022. The bonus will also be granted to workers made redundant or on parental leave.

However, even the self-employed and retired will be able to access the INPS bonus of 150 euros, as long as they have a personal income subject to personal income tax that does not exceed 20,000 euros for the year 2021.

The premium will automatically reach pensioners, recipients of unemployment benefits, households receiving citizenship income and door-to-door sellers. In addition, also to self-employed persons without a VAT number who are not registered in other forms of social security. primeBonus 150 euros, all those who are entitled to it (websource)

Temporary and intermittent seasonal workers, members of the Performing Arts Workers’ Retirement Fund and employees on contracts, doctoral students and research managers must apply online. To access the INPS Bonus 150 euros by applying online on the site, you must complete the form to be completed after authentication via electronic identity card or SPID identifiers.

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