BLACK ADAM | Meet Mr. Doom, the character of Pierce Brosnan in the film



The character is a recurring character in the DC Comics universe but is still little known to the public

DC’s magical character wing is very broad and has a strong foundation, but it traditionally tends not to be as exploited as the groups that revolve around the Justice League; however that may be about to change. Recently Pierce Brosnam was confirmed as Lord Doom in Black Adam, a future movie starring Dwayne Johnson.

Even if the name of the ex-007 for the role of the wizard was a surprise, positive besides, the idea that the character would be in the work was not; indeed, in 2020, during the DC Fandome event, conceptual arts were revealed to Black Adam. In one of them it is possible to see the members of the Justice Society of America, one of them being Mr. Destiny.

This in itself is very interesting, since the Justice Society was the first de facto comic book group launched in 1940. Created by Gardner Fox, the group not only introduced the concept of crossover as it is known today, but was also responsible for the creation of two of the members of the super group: Gavião Negro and Senhor Destino.

If the first has its origins in ancient Egypt, the second is already a little different. Senhor Destino was also premiered in 1940 during Fun Comics magazine # 61, incorporating the period of the golden age of comics. Its origin dates back to an exploration led by archaeologist Sven Nelson with his son Kent who eventually discovered the tomb of the Sumerian god Nabu, lord of knowledge.

Senhor Destino was present in the golden age of comics

There, the duo find a sarcophagus which, when interacting with visitors, releases poisonous gas that kills Sven. Sorry Kent then comes face to face with Nabu himself, who takes pity on the young man and grants him his helmet, which in turn is the source of his power. Right away, you can see that his origin, according to Fox, shares the elements that were very successful with other hero origins of the time: the death of a loved one, the unexpected call to the heroism, the open use of fantastic elements.

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The difference for stories like Superman’s is that Senhor Destino had his foot stuck in overtly magical elements and well structured in terms of his own rules and mythology. The proof was that, as simple as it may sound, the character was part of a larger group known as the Lords of the Order, whose responsibility it was precisely to maintain order in the universe while in front of them were the Chaos Lords. Show that from the start there was already a simple but generally effective duality system.

This question of duality is also very interesting and enriches the hero in that it is directly related to the source of his powers. The so-called Helm of Fate (or Helm of Nabu) when placed by the individual grants the mystical powers of the Sumerian god, but it also releases the possession of the host by the very deity whose purpose is to maintain order in the universe.

While this is not an idea that dates back to the original material and was only introduced in later stories, the question of the eternal personal conflict between what the wearer wants and what the helmet wants opens up some questions. margins to treat Senhor Destino not as another superhero outright but as a very powerful being who wants to maintain order but who lives internally in conflict.

The duality promoted by the Nabu Helm makes the character very interesting

In addition to the comics, the character has already made special appearances in other media, most famous in the classic 2001 Justice League design. His appearances have generally opened up the lineup so that other members of the Wing publisher’s magic can also participate such as the witch Zatanna, the demon Etrigan as well as the villains Morgana Le Fay and her son Mordred.

Therefore, Kent Nelson’s confirmed presence in Adão Negro may indicate Warner’s ambition to start bringing the occult side so strong into DC Comics; in addition to that in the near future the project of the Dark Justice League (team which brings together the main occultists) should materialize after several postponements.

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