‘Adão Negro’: casting call indicates that Senhor Destino will have great importance in the plot



According to Murphy’s Multiverse, Warner Bros. is still looking for a performer for Mister Doom in the upcoming ‘Black Adam’ adaptation.

And it looks like the Millennium Wizard will have a big part in the plot, considered the casting call.

The document says the studio wants an actor who plays the “academic” type, who is slim and in his 30s, to play Kent Nelson, the human host of Mister Doom.

For those who don’t know, Senhor Destino is a spirit called Nabu, who lives in a golden helmet and comes to life by possessing the body of anyone who dares to wear the helmet.

But most interestingly, the character is portrayed in the film as “a powerful entity capable of bending time and space and manipulating minds to protect the world from extra-dimensional threats.”

This indicates that he could have a fundamental role in the fight against Black Adam (“Dwayne Johnson“) and in the formation of the Justice Society, already confirmed in the feature film.

Created by Gardner Fox and Howard Sherman in 1940, Mister Doom was featured in More Fun Comics # 55.

At HQ, Nabu is said to be fighting for the cause of good, but may deviate from an extreme philosophy of “good at all costs”, valuing the cosmic order rather than compassion for the beings who live in it. universe.

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Previously, producer Hiram Garcia spoke to Collider and commented on the presence of SJ’s heroes, ensuring that they will be properly honored in the adaptation.

“We’re so excited to be bringing Justice Society to theaters for the first time, especially Gavião Negro, who is such a beloved character and one of those heroes who has always been so important to the DC Universe. We are committed to presenting them as they deserve and we will not disappoint audiences. Getting them into the same movie as Black Adam will be amazing, and fans will be thrilled when they realize the classic elements that we use as inspiration for the plot.

Unfortunately, Garcia did not want to reveal how the interaction between the heroes and the titular character will be. However, everything suggests that they will face each other at some point in the film.

As of yet, the cast of Senhor Destino and Gavião Negro have yet to be confirmed, but Noah Centineo was recently cast as Atom Crush, a character capable of controlling his molecular structure and manipulating his own size and strength.

Recalling that his cast joins the protagonist Dwayne Johnson, Noah Centineo as Atom Crusher, Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone, Aldis Hodge as Hawkman.

Marwen Kenzari and Sarah Shahi were also cast, but details of their roles have not been revealed.

Previously, Johnson shared a new behind-the-scenes image for the feature film.

In the picture, he intensely prepares to live as the titular DC Comics anti-hero.


Originally slated for December 2021, the film has been pulled from the Warner Bros. schedule. under COVID-19. Registrations are expected to begin in the second trimester.

Marwan Kenzari is expected to play Ishmael Gregor / Sabbac.

While details on the tale have not been revealed, fans already know that Black Adam is the primary antagonist for the hero known as Shazam. In modern times, however, the character has evolved into an extremely complex and troubled antihero – becoming one of the most important creations in DC’s pantheon.

The film is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (‘Jungle Cruise‘).

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