Best Things to Do in Florida in Winter



Have you ever postponed traveling to the Florida Peninsula because of the cold season, weather, someone’s hesitations, or popular stereotypes? Do not do that any longer! If you dream of visiting the sunny state in winter, find fresh ideas for activities when it’s supposed to be cold outside. Florida will meet you with utmost warmth despite the wintertime!

Vacation in Miami

Should you pack perhaps warm sweaters and coats? Indeed, no. The average temperature in Miami deviates from 50 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, after arrival, you can use an exotic car rental at Fort Lauderdale, take wheels, and drive with rolled-down windows along the beach. You will not freeze.

Rent an exotic car and navigate with comfort where you want without tracking a public transport schedule. First, attend The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science at Biscayne Blvd. You will be impressed with exhibitions on innovations and a gigantic multi-level aquarium with marine creatures living peacefully. 

Second, hurry up to visit Santa’s Enchanted Forest in Tropical Park. It operates from November to January daily. You will get thrilled on fast roller-coasters, enjoy the Christmas tree drowning in lights, and Miami winter activities.

Meet Santas from Orlando:

Where would you ever see such a gathering of santas if there were not Orlando for that? In short words, many surfers from everywhere head to Cocoa Beach, near Melbourne, to get dressed as famous Sante Nicks and do their favorite sport. That is a long-lasting Christmas tradition. 

If you want to catch the vibe or even a wave, do the following: choose one from the selection of exotic rental cars in Florida and hit the road to come on time before 8 am on December 24. Our tip: pre-order your vehicle at least two weeks ahead. However, if you choose the route fast, on the go, the convenient car rental app will be helpful. Thus, that is hands down to keep active while making a profitable deal.

Festival of Lights in St. Augustine

About 2 hours from Orlando, the USA’s oldest city St.Augustine waits for tourists. Founded by Spanish explorers in the late 16th century, this town is the pure charm with colonial landmarks on the cobblestone streets. What happens there on the Christmas holidays, from November 20 to January 30, is above all the expectations! Every ancient building, from the doorway entrance to the roof, every tree, gets twinkling white lights on. The one who counted them reveals their number is more than 3 million illumination pieces. 

Do not wait to take a walk along the bay fronts, the Spanish street, drink a hot coffee, and enjoy the beauty and serenity of that place! 

Legacy of Charles Dickens in Jacksonville

Another Florida city, Jacksonville, boasts a unique English village. It is arranged directly at Fernandina Beach, 35 miles away from the downtown, and is open from 9th to 12th December. The place is exceptional because it is made after Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. It looks like we are back to the 19th century, with the architecture and dresses of surrounding people.

Visitors come to that sojourn settlement to meet the known childhood characters, feel the winter celebration and see Santa. Furthermore, the Lighted Christmas Parade takes place here, and costumed actors read this good fairy tale every evening. 

Small tips! First, if you take children with you, read them this book before attending the village. Thus, you will make their visit filled with interest and joy. Second, to make your journey with kids comfortable, we advise you to rent a spacious minivan or SUV.

The Boats Parade in Miami

Another Miami adventure is called the annual Seminole Hardrock Winterfest Boat Parade. The ceremony is in Fort Lauderdale. Almost 3 thousand boats decorated with lights are going for a tour. The action goes along the New River to Lake Santa Barbara in Pompano Beach. You can participate with your private ship, or come to see that magnificence, listen to music, and have a great time. 

There are many viewing locations along the route, for example, Bridges, Riverside Hotel, and many others. The admission is by tickets, please, take care about buying them in advance. 

What a wonderful time you will have in Florida! Still, to make the trip successful, clarify all the details and current rules related to the pandemic before leaving your home. Have a great trip!

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