Silvia Toffanin, Stefano Orlando’s interview ends badly: harsh criticism



Silvia Toffanin, Stefano Orlando’s interview ends badly: virulent criticism. The recent separation of the showgirl is still debated

It’s not the first time a Verissimo guest has spoken about her personal pain, but not everything went well in today’s episode for Silvia Toffanin. Because the interview with Stefania Orlando, who spoke for the first time of the separation from her husband, did not convince.

Silvia Toffanin (Instagram Verissimo)

The Roman showgirl and presenter, relaunched by Big Brother Vip, formalized the end of her marriage to Simone Gianlorenzi a few weeks ago. And the spirit went to his previous appearance on the program, two years ago, when instead he said everything was fine between them.

Fresh news that deserved to be deepened and Toffanin too, also asking if it was the fault of third parties who had put themselves in the middle. But Orlando denied that there were outside influences: it was their decision, which came at a delicate moment in the relationship, when they realized they could not continue like this.

“There were no third parties. We grow up and discover that we have different needs. Simone had expressed her discomfort with our relationship. I let go and understood. It was not a traumatic breakup , we talked a lot and promised to always be there for each other but we don’t become friends overnight. At the moment I don’t think we can recover. Am I still in love? I can’t help but have feelings for him. But I don’t expect any gesture from him, I don’t expect anything”
“The wounds are still open… I don’t think it’s easy for anyone after a long time to get back to their life and move on putting themselves and not us…
“You weren’t in love anymore? Let’s be honest…” And the maid answered in the negative, affirming without delay that it’s not like that: “I can’t tell you… I can’t tell you…” The host then asked him if this farewell was traumatic. And the guest denied, affirming however that it was not easy: “We had promised to be there for each other…”

Silvia Toffanin, Stefano Orlando’s interview ends badly: the public knows which side to take

A long interview that confused the public at home. Many on social media pointed the finger at Toffanin, accusing him of turning the knife in the wound by asking for clarification, while others failed to understand Orlando’s behavior.
The video clip featuring the most beautiful moments of the wedding between Stefania Orlando and Simone Gianlorenzi is also in question: for most fans of the presenter a low blow despite the interview centered solely and exclusively on the private life of the ex-d ‘Andrea Roncato. women .
“Solidarity for Stefania, more than an interview it seemed to me a pledge of questioning. There is no more tact or empathy, “wrote someone on Twitter, receiving applause from many others Someone else pointed out, “Always the inevitable question about kids, but why? Does it seem so absurd that a woman doesn’t want to have any?”
Indeed, Stefania Orlando repeated, as already done in the past to GF Vip, that she never had the maternal instinct and never looked for children. “But can you send a film about the wedding and ask if there are third parties to someone who is in pain and can’t even watch this footage?” What sensitivity! “. Stefania Orlando shared her pain (Instagram Verissimo)

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