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Are EV charging stations free in Canada?



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As an electric vehicle owner in Canada, you may be wondering about the availability and cost of public charging stations to power your eco-friendly ride. While some stations do offer free charging, many now charge fees for the convenience and service. The good news is that Canada’s charging infrastructure is growing rapidly to meet the needs of the over 50,000 plug-in electric vehicles now on Canadian roads.

The Growing Network of EV Charging Stations in Canada

The electric car charging stations map in Canada has been growing steadily over the past several years. According to Natural Resources Canada, there are currently over 5,000 public charging stations across the country, with many more planned or under development.

  • British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec have the largest number of charging stations, concentrated around major cities and along highway corridors. However, charging stations can now be found in all provinces and territories.
  • The majority of public charging stations in Canada are Level 2 charging stations, which provide an 80% charge in 3 to 4 hours. Fast charging stations, like those provided by Electrly, offer an 80% charge in just 20 to 30 minutes.
  • The Government of Canada offers incentives for individuals and businesses to install EV charging stations through programs like the Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program. Several provinces also offer additional rebates or tax credits.
  • While some public charging stations are provided for free by local governments or private businesses, many charging station operators charge fees to use their stations. The fees vary but typically range from $1 to $3 per hour of charging for Level 2 stations and $10 to $20 for a full fast charge. Some EV charging networks like Chargepoint and Flo offer monthly membership plans with reduced charging rates.

Overall, EV owners in Canada have access to a wide and continually improving network of charging options to suit their needs. With more fast charging stations being installed along major routes, EVs are becoming a viable option even for long distance driving. The increasing availability of public charging is helping to make the switch to electric even more compelling and affordable for drivers.

The Future of EV Charging in Canada

The future of electric vehicle (EV) charging in Canada looks bright. As EV adoption rises, the demand for public charging infrastructure increases. Fortunately, companies like Electrly are leading the way.

Rapid Expansion of Charging Options

Electrly aims to provide intelligent and convenient EV charging solutions for all drivers. They offer several types of charging stations, including level 2 and DC fast charging, with plans to expand their network across Canada.

  • Level 2 stations provide charging at a rate of 7 to 22 kW, adding 12 to 60 miles of range per hour of charging. These are ideal for long-term parking areas like workplaces, multi-unit dwellings, and public parking lots.
  • DC fast charging stations provide 50 to 350 kW charging, adding 60 to 200 miles of range in 20 minutes. These enable long-distance travel along major highway routes and in rural areas.

Innovation in Energy Management

Electrly designed their charging stations and software to optimize energy usage and costs. Their smart charging stations use AI to balance the power demands of multiple EVs charging at once, reducing peak loads on the grid. Station owners can also set charging rates to encourage off-peak usage.

Partnerships and Government Support

Electrly partners with utilities, businesses, and government agencies to build out charging infrastructure. Government grants and incentives also help make public charging feasible and affordable. Continued public-private partnerships and policy support will help achieve Canada’s goal of coast-to-coast fast charging routes.

The increasing availability of smart, affordable EV charging stations is essential for the mass adoption of electric mobility in Canada. With companies like Electrly leading the way, drivers across the country will soon have access to a robust public charging network, enabling greener transportation for all.

Are EV Charging Stations Free to Use in Canada?

Public Charging Stations

Public EV charging stations in Canada are not typically free to use. The majority are operated by third-party companies that charge a fee for the electricity used to charge your vehicle. Fees can vary depending on the network, location, and charging speed. Some public charging stations do offer free charging for a limited time to promote EV adoption.

Tesla Supercharger Network

Tesla owners can use the Supercharger network, which currently has over 12,000 Superchargers worldwide, including more than 50 locations in Canada. Supercharging is free for all Tesla vehicles. The network provides fast charging to quickly energize your vehicle for long distance travel.

Other Public Networks

Third-party charging networks like Electrly operate public charging stations across Canada. They typically charge a fee for charging that varies depending on the location and speed. Many offer membership plans with discounted or unlimited charging for a monthly fee. Some networks also have roaming agreements so you can charge on multiple networks with one account.

Private and Workplace Charging

Many condos, apartments, businesses, and workplaces offer EV charging for free or at a discounted rate for residents, employees, and customers. If you have access to charging where you live or work, that is the most affordable and convenient option. Some utilities also offer incentives or rebates for installing EV charging.

In summary, while some free public EV charging is available, most public charging stations in Canada do charge fees. The specific rates and plans vary between networks and locations. The most budget-friendly choices are utilizing whatever free or discounted charging options you may have access to where you live and work, as well as making occasional use of any free quick-charge promotions when traveling long distances. With some research, EV owners can find the charging solutions and plans that best meet their needs and budget.


As you have learned, public EV charging in Canada is becoming more widely available and accessible. While not all stations currently offer free charging, many provide affordable and competitive rates, especially compared to gas-powered vehicles. The increasing number of charging locations across the country means EV owners have more opportunities than ever to charge on the go. For your next road trip, check out the map on Electrly’s website to find convenient and cost-effective charging stations along your route. The future of electric vehicles in Canada looks bright, and with companies like Electrly leading the charge, eco-friendly travel will soon be within everyone’s reach. The open road awaits!

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