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Amici 22, the violent gesture of the singer: the reason is amazing – PHOTO



The violent gesture of the Amici singer left us speechless: no one expected him to behave like this. There are now concerns about what the consequences might be within the program.

Maybe it all started with the episode of Amici airing on Sunday, November 6. The challenge that Arisa had wanted and which had Little G as the protagonist had not found a place. The singer was certainly already tense, but the fact that the professor left him at the last moment the choice to take up the challenge or not certainly made things worse.

Amici 22, Maria De Filippi's decisive pink costume during the episode (photo © Mediaset).Amici 22, Maria De Filippi’s decisive pink costume during the episode (photo © Mediaset).

Little G heard heavy rebukes from Rudy Zerbi and Arisa. While acknowledging Piccolo G’s distinctive timbre and quirky style, they pointed out that he is often predictable and unexciting. The Amici singer also admitted that he had held back a lot in this first period.

Amici 22, the violent gesture of the singer: what happened

On November 15, Amici’s day showed some images that we will surely talk about on the show: the singer’s violent gesture really left everyone speechless. While his teammates were watching the taping of Sunday’s episode, Little G asked Tommy and Wax where the stereo was.

Piccolo G's new musical single, Più Mia (Instagram photo).Piccolo G’s new musical single, Più Mia (Instagram photo).

The two students of friends replied that at that time they were busy rewatching the episode and did not want to talk at that time. Little G showed he really took it. The singer got up and left, knocking on the door which actually broke. Aaron immediately ran to console him as Little G was in tears.

What could be the reasons for the gesture?

It’s hard to understand the real reasons for Piccolo G’s gesture, which makes us think back to the punches thrown at the wall by Aka7even during Amici 20. While Luca Marzano was desperate because Martina had left him to be able to be with Raffaele , Giovanni Rinaldi seems to have perhaps accumulated too much tension in these first days of November.

His single “Più Mia” is finally promoted on Radio Zeta: during the episode of November 20, we will see if the public preferred it to the songs of Niveo and Aaron. From a sentimental point of view, however, he gets very close to Federica, who nevertheless seems to be held back by the worry of not wanting to ruin their friendship.

Here is the photo which testifies to the violent gesture of the singer Amici, who broke the door. Now we fear the consequences for him. The damage caused by the violent act of the singer of Amici after an argument inside the house: what will happen now?  (photo © Mediaset).The damage caused by the violent act of the singer of Amici after an argument inside the house: what will happen now? (photo © Mediaset).

Below, however, is a short video that testifies to Piccolo G’s approach with Federica:

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