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Are you a business or corporate space that’s looking for a durable, quality office supply near you and wants the office furniture brand that is top of recommendation? Then you need to know about Office Depot near you.

In this article below, we are going to give you all the necessary details you need to know about Office Depot near you. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin! 

What Is Office Depot & Its Purpose? 

Office Depot is a brand office supplier that has an esteemed presence in the office furniture market all over the USA. Office Depot is a parent company that operates its headquarters in the state of Florida, with Boca Raton as its official address. It operates approximately 1400 sub-office suppliers that are available in business in all states. It also has several business-to-business connections that make Office Depot a dominant hand in the office supply market. 

Office Depot has been in operation since 1986, October and has since expanded and grown to serve the American public all over the states. Now, Office Depot, with over 9000 business customers and over Office Depot’s 950 retail business stores, operates especially in the region of North America and serves on the other side through its mergers and sub-contractors. 

Which Office Supply Businesses Under Office Depot? 

Office Depot, since its official inception, has expanded its place in the retail sector and has not only increased its base as an office supplier to numerous major businesses and the corporate sector but also included in numerous mergers as well as further acquisitions with other businesses.

Office Depot, as an office supplier, has done many mergers and acquisitions, among which are other major office supplier organizations, and hence has built a larger base and connection, ensuring a large office supply retail market for itself.

As early as 1991, Office Depot merged with the Office Club, which is another one of the major names in the office supply market. This merger with Office Club provided them with an expansion towards the American West Coast. Soon after, Office Depot expanded its wings as an office furniture supplier towards international borders with its merger with Grupo Gigante, a Mexican Stock Exchange that holds the Mexican market at large. 

Soon after, in 1998, Office Depot made a major acquisition in yet another overseas international market of Australia as well as the European side as it acquired Viking Direct, a major channel sector of all kinds of office supplies and catering services. This really led Office Depot into an internationally recognised and established office supply company, leading many others in the furniture supply industry to merge with the business name. 

After another decade of mergers and other deals, Office Depot announced a new leading role for its CEO, Gerry Smith, who is still now upholding the position as chairman and CEO of Office Depot. 

With Office Depot’s successful policy of constant expansion with various related businesses and channels, its recent acquisition was of Buyer Quest, an enterprise software provider

With the advancement in the office supply market and supply and demand ways, Office Depot has kept itself up to date with the times. It offers online dealing as well as its presence of retail stores in all US states as well as international stores and channels that you can find through its official online address. 

Office Depot Now 

Office Depot customer care has made it a mark as you can contact and query any time with the Office Depot customer care team, whether online or in-store. Office Depot has now become a brand name that offers not just office supply services but now offers other services as well, like various other supplies and products, including technology, due to having acquired or merged with several big and small enterprises. 

Office Depot Near Me 

If you have been wondering about where you can find the Office Depot branch nearest to you then you can visit Office Depot’s official website online. On the website, all their locations are listed; however, if you still are not able to find from the listed available locations your location, then you can contact Office Depot’s team through email or contact on the website and ask for Office Depot’s nearest location to you.

Although they are available in all US state locations, if you are in any US state, then you will find an Office Depot store near you. However, due to Office Depot’s international bases and expansion, it is available as well in regions surpassing the USA to approximately 60 countries including the region of Europe and Asia as well as Latin and North America.

Last Word 

We hope the above article highlights to you this incredible brand of Office supplies as well as all kinds of other sales services as well as technician services. Office Depot is a name that has established its roots based on quality and serving what’s demanded in the retail market.

We hope we have given you all the major details about Office Depot that you need to know!

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