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71 years of John McTiernan! What happened to the director of HARD TO KILL and PREDATOR?



“He collapses in front of my eyes. I’m disturbed! This is what Gail Sistruck McTiernan said when she was interviewed by The Guardian in 2013, when her husband, John McTiernan, was arrested. The director who has made sensational action films, such as O PREDATOR (1987), DURO DE MATAR (1980) and HUNT TO THE RED OCTOBER (1990), is now 71 years old and seems definitely retired. At the time of Gail’s statement, he was charged and included in the case of investigator Anthony Pellicano, also arrested for illegally wiretapping phones at the behest of “contract customers.” One of them was McTiernan, who tapped producer Charles Roven’s phone while filming the ROLLERBALL (2002) remake.

John McTiernan admitted to the crime, paid $ 100,000 and was even sentenced to 12 months in a South Dakota minimum security penitentiary – the Yankees are strict about money. However, it didn’t take long for his ex-wife, producer Donna Dubrow, to file a privacy breach complaint that also involved this Pellicano. After several inquiries, divorce negotiations and even a retrial of another wife, who was now claiming $ 5 million to hold him responsible for a car accident, John McTiernan had his house on a farm valued at nearly $ 10 million. . Declaring total bankruptcy and living his old age with what was left to him. By the way, no studio wants to see it even painted in gold.

In the photo above, in 1994, he was on the set of HARD TO KILL 3 (1995) with star Bruce Willis, a television actor who in the late 1980s became one of the biggest names in Hollywood. John McTiernan only returned to the Die Hard franchise (in the original) for failing twice in a row with THE HEALING OF THE JUNGLE (1992) and THE LAST GREAT HERO (1993). Very funny, the third adventure of John McClane – which has Samuel L Jackson by his side – reuses a discarded Lethal Weapon script, adds more external scenes and good comics. As such, it is one of the highest grossing of Willis’ major film series. McTiernan is a director missing in a genre that has been occupied with harmless, pasteurized films. Below you can see your best movies.


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John McClane (Bruce Willis) has been separated from his wife Holly for a year, has been drinking heavily and is also away from the police. In addition to these problems, the brother (Jeremy Irons) of an old enemy (Hans himself!) In an attempt to solve them, he begins to be helped by Zeus Carver (Samuel L. Jackson), a man from Harlem, which helps him unravel the entire apparently terrorist plot.


Danny Madigan (Austin O’Brien) is a die-hard fan boy of the character of Jack Slater (Arnold Schwarzenegger). He gets a magical movie ticket, which brings Danny into Slater’s new movie and adventures in a crazy world with cartoons, violence, and even Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone’s character in Wild Instinct). However, there’s a catch: The ticket allows the villains of the film to enter the real world. Slater, the hero of the story, pursues enemies and goes through a lot of trouble, meeting the actor who plays him, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

3 – THE PREDATOR (1987)

A spectacular action flick, one of the best ever, starring Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) leading a rescue team through a Central American jungle in an attempt to find a foreign minister and government officials who went off the rails and got lost. . The army believes it is in the hands of the guerrillas, but what it does not realize is that the forest hides a deadly threat, a being from another planet, heavily armed, who takes great pleasure in killing, the so-called PREDATOR! An unrivaled pop icon.


Agent Jack Ryan’s first film in theaters is set in 1984. The Soviet high command believes in the possibility of desertion when Captain Markus Ramius (Sean Connery), the commander of Red October, the Russian submarine the most modern, disobeyed higher orders and sailed to America. . Faced with this, other Soviet submarines are ordered to sink the Red October and the Americans decide to do the same, fearing an attack on their territory. Until Jack Ryan, played here by Alec Baldwin, a CIA agent who admires Markus Ramius, tries to stop the Soviets and Americans from continuing this cowardly attack.

1 – HARD TO KILL (1988)

Many people’s favorite Christmas movie, including the one you’re talking about. This gave the action heroes another layer, where we saw they were now injured. Which brought fun ideas without ever losing seriousness. In the plot, we follow John McClane (Bruce Willis), a New York detective who travels to Los Angeles to meet his wife (Bonnie Bedelia), who works for a Japanese company, i.e. in the classic building Nakatomi Plaza. However, when he arrives at the building, he realizes that the building is being assaulted by a gang of terrorists and decides to disrupt the bandits’ plans to save his wife and other hostages. Look, there is no other word, this movie is awesome!

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