6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Math Tutor in Singapore



Finding the right math tutor for your children can seem like an overwhelming task – even in Singapore. And while the internet makes searching more convenient than going door-to-door, no one has all the time in the world to dissect each tuition agency or read every single review. But the bottom line is that a math tutor in Singapore offers the perfect solution for students who need help with math learning difficulties, so parents just need to know how to go about it by addressing the best questions to the tuition agency.

Will my child enjoy the experience of one-to-one tutoring?

If the tuition agency answers, “It might depend on your child”, go somewhere else. A reliable and top-tier tuition agency that hires only qualified and well-experienced tutors should know that a high-quality math tutor in Singapore will go all out to make the maths experience for the student as enjoyable as possible. The tutor knows that the student struggling with maths is likely not having fun learning it at school. Tutors also know how to turn students’ weaknesses into strengths for more positive experiences.

Can a private home tutor assess my child’s progress?

Experienced math tutors know how to combine sample materials, analytics, and human interaction to determine the correct course of tutoring sessions and assistance for every student. They know that each student has unique problems, weaknesses, and confidence levels. Parents should ask if the tutor assigned to their child is passionately dedicated to coach and personally evaluate their child’s progress. The advantage of a home private tutor is that parents can meet with the tutor from time to time to discuss the child’s progress and learning growth.

Can tutoring sessions be tailored to my child’s weaknesses or goals?

As mentioned earlier, each student is different, or unique. An experienced math tutor should have the ability to adjust or adapt tutoring sessions, lessons, and worksheets to fit the learning pace of the child, at the level that help is needed the most. The tutor starts by giving the child a comprehensive maths skills assessment to find out the learning difficulties and what the child really needs.

What if my child just needs additional enrichment?

Instead of having learning problems, some children are already so proficient in maths that they need additional challenges that go beyond what is given in school. There are children so good at maths that they just breeze through homework and tests. This repetition is actually bad for building up additional learning for maths concepts. A good and experienced tutor can enhance the skills of students who already have a strong foundation in maths. The tutor needs to further build upon the child’s reasoning, critical, and analytical skills.

Is the tutoring schedule convenient for my child?

Top-tier tuition agencies understand that tutoring sessions should fit both the students’ and parents’ schedules because the one-to-one sessions take place at home. As an added safety precaution, parents should never allow tutors to have sessions alone with their children. Tuition agencies see to it that tutoring sessions always fit everyone’s busy schedules, including the tutor. Most private home tuition sessions usually take place only twice or three times a week to avoid routine redundancy.

How can I get in touch with FamilyTutor?

Selecting a private home math tutor is a vital decision for any parent seeking additional learning help for their children. FamilyTutor has tutors that combine interest and engagement with personalised feedback because they are dedicated and passionate about tutoring and giving the child a better chance at learning something they feel is too difficult for them. As your children slowly master math concepts and earn better and higher points and grades, they gain more confidence to move on to more challenging work. This helps them develop strong critical thinking, logical reasoning, and analytical skills.

Whether your child is struggling with maths or needs more advanced learning concepts beyond what is covered in the classroom, a math tutor in Singapore coming from FamilyTutor can meet their specific needs and lead them to excel. Visit the FamilyTutor website and see all the details of our private tuition, including our affordable rates with no additional or hidden fees. You can then fill out our Tutor Request Form, call us, send us an email, or use our WhatsApp line. 

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