Aurora Ramazzotti, has she seen her new home? Perfect for raising the child



It has been known for some time that the influencer Aurora Ramazzotti, daughter of Michelle and Eros, is pregnant with her companion Goffredo Cerza. But have you seen their new home?

The beautiful Aurora Ramazzotti confirmed for several weeks that she was expecting a baby with her historic boyfriend Goffredo Cerza, with whom she has been in a relationship for about five years. Already last summer, the weekly Chi by Alfonso Signorini had hypothesized the scoop, after having caught the young girl and her mother Michelle Hunziker in the act of buying a pregnancy test in a pharmacy when they were on vacation. The influencer didn’t confirm the news until much later, however, with a funny video he posted on social media.

Aurora Ramazzotti – Solocine.it

The girl, now 25, grew up in the spotlight thanks to her parents’ professions. His parents, in fact, are Swiss TV presenter Michelle Hunziker and singer-songwriter Eros Ramazzotti. The couple are now divorced, but they married in 1998, two years after the birth of their daughter. At the time between the two it was love at first sight.

After the divorce, the showgirl remained single for a few years, but then she met stylist Tomaso Trussardi, whom she married about ten years ago. From this marriage were born two more daughters, Sole and Celeste, but unfortunately this love story is also over. Indeed, several months ago, they both declared that they were separating.

But what do we know, instead, of the young influencer who is about to become a mother? Have you ever seen his house, for example?

Aurora Ramazzotti, the house where her son will grow up

Aurora Ramazzotti grew up not only among cameras and reporters, but also surrounded by technology and social media, as is typical of her generation (she was born in 1996). Indeed, on Instagram and TikTok, he is very popular and regularly posts photos and videos of his work and his private life. After a first experience at university, in fact, she decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and also work in television. But where do you live now? In fact, he recently moved.

Aurora Ramazzotti on Instagram – Solocine.it

The presenter and her boyfriend have moved to a new apartment in Milan. The young woman posted some stories on IG, where she showed some parts of the brand new house, which they have just finished renovating and furnishing. In particular, he showed the dressing room, which is really huge, and which he has already filled with clothes and a lot of shoes. The house feels very spacious and certainly suitable for the unborn child.

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