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10 Thriller Movies Full Of Excitement And Adrenaline To Watch At Home On NETFLIX



This new wave of the Corona virus has taken Brazil hard. Death cases are increasing exponentially, becoming very necessary in this time when we are protecting ourselves. Go only for the essentials. The vaccine is already there, many elderly people are already vaccinated at the moment, we just have to hold on a little longer. We know that the task of staying at home can be at least monotonous, and precisely for this reason, in order to calm things down a bit and bring a little more excitement and adrenaline into the lives of moviegoers, we decided to put together a new list with movie tips from a genre we know our readers love: suspense. We love it too. So, discover our selection below with some productions a little more famous and others less, which are part of the current collection of Netflix. Find out which ones you haven’t seen before leaving the catalog.

The cordial animal

We started the list with a popular Brazilian production. It is also one of the newest items to be added to the streaming collection. Success in international festivals where it premiered in 2017, the film reached our cinemas in 2018. Written and directed by Gabriela Amaral Almeida – one of the greatest representatives of genre cinema (terror and suspense) in our country – the thriller brings Murilo Benício and Camila Morgado as protagonists. The plot takes place entirely in a luxury restaurant in São Paulo, during a common end of office hours to the wee hours of the morning. Armed criminals invade the site and take employees, the owner and a few customers hostage. The tense climate prevails, but the situation quickly turns around, following an unexpected trajectory. Benício is one of the lures of the establishment’s eccentric owner. Morgado saw a snobbish dondoca customer. And the talented Luciana Paes steals many scenes from the feature film. Completing the renowned cast: Humberto Carrão, Irandhir Santos and Ernani Moraes.

22nd of July

This director Paul Greengrass is a master at creating tensions that are extremely disconcerting to the point that we think we are witnessing scenes from a documentary, this is nothing new. Take a look at the filmmaker’s filmography and notice features like Voo United 93 (2006) and Captain Phillips (2013), for example. And this July 22 appears to be one of the most significant from the point of view of its program. A tale of one of the greatest tragedies in the history of the peaceful country of Norway: a terrorist attack that claimed the lives of seventy people on July 22, 2011. In the plot, an armed fanatic invades a seaside resort on an island where a large group of young people found for an event. With strong political inks, the film questions itself and divides its story into several parts. We feel nervous when we experience the attacks themselves, in a struggle for the survival of the youngster (the most extreme) and also the repercussion of the case, after the arrest of the maniac and his trial, which raises a whole other. debate on the country’s legal system. Simply essential.

The invitation

As nerve-racking as the element above, but without the backing of being based on an actual story, The Invitation is directed by talented filmmaker Karyn Kusama, whose latest film was electrifying and underrated The Weight of the Past. , with Nicole Kidman. Here we have Logan Marshall-Green as the main character, a fellow invited to dinner with his ex-wife. Strange that the invitation, he takes his new girlfriend. Arriving on the scene, he is received by his ex and her current husband, as well as a few other colleagues for the event. During the night, he begins to suspect the somewhat strange behavior of his ex-partner. So we, the viewers, are left to our interpretation if there is in fact something nebulous behind it all, or it is just the shaken psyche of the protagonist, who has not accepted the separation very well. In other words, doubt only remains until the film is revealed, followed by moments of great hysteria and adrenaline. The Invitation is one of the longest-lasting films in the Netflix collection and is a true hidden gem. But only recommended for those with strong nerves.

Enjoy watching:

The guest

It’s very intriguing, with a great visual and narrative style. From festivals like Sundance and SXSW, the feature film features Dan Stevens ready to break his image of a good boy in the cinema. He saw “David” (even credited in quotation marks), a soldier who arrives at the Peterson family home, claiming to be a military partner in his son’s war, killed in action. Welcomed by relatives of his friend, he soon mingles with all the members, including the guy’s brothers, little Luke (Brendan Meyer) and beautiful blonde Anna (Maika Monroe). But the image of the sympathetic gradually begins to fade, and the subject shows his real paintings …

I don’t feel at home in this world anymore

Speaking of Sundance Festival, that movie came out of there, where it won the Grand Jury Prize for Drama Production. Without wasting any time, Netflix quickly pulled a contract out of the hat and bought the rights to exhibit the film, without the work going through the cinema circuit anywhere in the world first. This was one of the first instances where the streaming company demonstrated its strength in the market, securing itself a prestigious film and pulling it away from exhibition halls. Dramatic crime comedy that deals with dissatisfaction and social insecurity, in addition to problems in personal relationships, the film’s long title stars Melanie Lynskey playing as a citizen who sees her rights collapsed as she is constantly the victim of criminals. The police don’t do much to protect her. So, next to a neighbor a little unbalanced (role of Elijah Wood), fanatic of firearms, she decides to do justice. However, they will soon realize that the hole is lower. Or would it be at the top?

Black snow

Assuming that any movie featuring the great Ricardo Darín in the cast is worth our time, here we have one of his most recent and lesser-known works. Written and directed by Martín Hodara, second director of Nove Rainhas (2000), one of the most famous films in the filmography of the Argentinian actor, Neve Negra is an icy suspense, which brings Darín in one of his performances the most introspective. In the film, he plays Salvador, a subject isolated from everything and everyone due to a family tragedy. Extremely bitter, he lives in a cabin in the snow of Patagonia. Doubling in as a talented actor, here is Leonardo Sbaraglia (Relatos Selvagens), his younger brother, who visits him next to his wife (role of Laia Costa). But his cordial appearance has nothing, and the goal is to sell the land they have left as an inheritance. This dynamic will bring out the bad feelings you both wanted to forget, reopen the scars, and make the two collide.

The price of a buyout

In his latest directorial work, filmmaker Ron Howard isn’t quite right. Therefore, it is worth revisiting the past of this prestigious name in the industry. The Price of a Rescue completes 25 years since its launch in 2021, resurfacing as one of the brightest moments of Howard’s career. More than auspicious occasion for a new look, or for those who do not know it yet, finally take a look. Here, Howard commands star Mel Gibson, as a millionaire airline owner. The subject then lives one of the most desperate moments for any father, when his son disappears after a walk alongside his mother (René Russo) in an unpretentious way in a park. Soon the worst expected happens and news arrives that the boy has been kidnapped and the bandits are waiting to be rescued. Filled with twists and turns and interesting characters, the film is one of the best Hollywood thrillers of the 1990s.

Under the mastery of evil

Only a director of Jonathan Demme’s level (The Silence of the Lambs / Philadelphia) to remake a classic that’s so good, if not even better than the original. Okay, for the task, the filmmaker orchestrated the meeting of two true legends of acting: Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep – a fact that can lift any topic. Well, since the takeover you have already realized that this suspense would only be valid for the performance duel. But the film has much more to offer. Immersed completely in paranoia and high-level plots, the film is based on Richard Condon’s book, about a military team who are brainwashed during war and begin to live with the consequences. Behind everything is a lot of politics, the ambition of the powerful presidential races and, of course, a giant of the pharmaceutical industry.


It is for those who like a very romantic suspense, practically in the style of the machinations of Mexican soap operas at the “Maria do Bairro” level. In the North American translation, this suspense turns out to be a full plate for those who have enjoyed films like Acrimônia, Obsessive Passion and The Limit of Betrayal, for example. But here we have an even bigger reason to check out Obsessiva: the presence of none other than the current queen of pop music, Beyoncé – in one of her rare works of acting in the cinema. As said, the muse of music did not make many films as an actress, but even managed to stand out in prestigious works, see Dreamgirls (2006) and Cadillac Records (2008). Here Beyoncé gave her everything and carried the film on her back with only her name as the protagonist. Further, showing full confidence in the project, he also produced the feature film – alongside his father (Mathew Knowles) and former basketball star Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson. Maybe something didn’t go as planned, because after this suspense Beyoncé never acted again – she just voiced characters in animations like Reino Escondido (2013) and O Leão Leão (2019) . One of Obsessiva’s coolest features is the expected social subversion. Here we have a rich and successful black couple, played by Idris Elba and the star herself. At the foot of the subject, appears a white secretary, blonde with blue eyes (Ali Larter). I can already say that this is a fatal attraction (1987) with racial touches. Oh yeah, without wanting to spoil it, don’t think the muse is going to stop jumping off the heel and roll up her sleeves to fight for her man.

Raw jewelry

Okay, this one is already well managed. Everyone who must have seen has seen it, and those who refused are unlikely to see it. But it never hurts to insist. And who knows how to reach a novice reader who doesn’t know the movie. After all, how many other opportunities are there to see Adam Sandler perform in a good soup-making movie? Not a lot. Leave it to brothers Benny and Josh Safdie to squeeze the most out of acting careers … say, unappreciated. The duo of filmmakers had already done it with Robert Pattinson in the sobering Bom Beportamento, and here they repeat the dose with Adam Sandler. Several circles of critics around the world have even taken Sandler’s Oscar nomination for granted, which unfortunately did not materialize in the end. In the film, he plays Howard Ratner, a Jewish gem merchant in New York City. Still in debt up to his neck, largely because of gambling, the guy “sells lunch to buy dinner.” However, the crafty trickster is about to have the most complicated day of his life, which he will have to use several of his tricks to get rid of.

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