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10 Movies That Reflect On Sexuality



One of the topics that can be found from time to time in the thousands of projects released in theaters and on streaming platforms all over the planet concerns issues surrounding sexuality. But what would sexuality be? Full of interpretations (some even use this term to explode prejudices, generate taboos), this term is associated with the way in which the individual perceives sensations, feelings and emotions related in one way or another. another at pleasure. To reflect on this, we have separated 10 great films below:


Throughout the great plot, we witness an awakening of sexuality, a profound freedom to express and feel one’s emotions. The suffocation of life generates a force in Violette so that she writes about her ardent and suffering life. In fact, Violette punished herself with every missed step, every lost chance, easily reaching the limits of reason and emotion, a result of her suffered life and the traumas of the past that always returned like unresolved ghosts. Her friendship with Beauvoir helps her find her way and gain some sanity in pursuit of her destiny.

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Nymphomaniac – Volume 1

In this first volume, we are surprised by the unusual encounter between Seligman (Stellan Skarsgård) and Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg). Joe is a sex addict and over the years he has found himself in embarrassing situations from losing his virginity to the present day. As he tells his story to Seligman, the two characters begin to discuss sexuality, and the true face of a society that values ​​desire, with several comparisons to everyday human life.

Tom from Finland

Art of loving. Biography of one of the most influential gay artists of all time, Tom of Finland is a delicate, engaging and touching portrait of a man who fought against prejudice in a Finland that hunted and banned homosexuality. He found in his art a way to help other people who live the same drama and thus inspired a generation with a work that has become eternal. Directed by Dome Karukoski, the film is a journey of emotions, a great slap in the face of prejudice.


In the plot, shot on the coast of Cabo de Santo Agostinho and in the center of Recife, we meet two families who end up meeting because of the secrets of a deceased father. Dona Carminha (Fernanda Montenegro), her children Omar Shariff (Irandhir Santos) and Fátima (Mariana Ruggiero) live in a family bar by the water, which ends up being the target of a company that wants to buy the land and sends the executive Aurélio (Matheus Nachtergaele) to negotiate with them. In the middle of the investigation, to see if he uses an element that helps him negotiate with more margin, Aurélio discovers a third brother who has disappeared from the maternity ward and who is never heard from again. That brother is Sandro (Cauã Reymond) who lives with his son Marlon Brando (Gabriel Leone) in downtown Recife where he owns one of the few, perhaps the only, porn cinemas in town. When one side discovers the other, moments of distress and emotion envelop everyone.

Wildhood: Quest for Roots

Roots that tell many stories. Selected at the Rio 2022 Film Festival, the Canadian feature film Wildhood: Search for the Roots presents us in its plot an exciting road movie that navigates the exchange of outlook on life through a breakdown of sexuality and family in the gaze of a teenager. The project also emphasizes the Miꞌkmaq (indigenous people of eastern Canada), particularly culturally. This is the feature debut of non-binary Canadian screenwriter and filmmaker Bretten Hannam of Mi’kmaq descent.

Get organized…

The thousand ways to be happy. Walking in a very funny way on the always controversial subject of the paths of pleasure Se Organizar Direitinho… is an unpretentious Spanish comedy that ends up making you laugh at many times in addition to making us think about the question of sexuality through different perspectives and through the varied stories of its fun characters. Directed by filmmaker Paco Caballero, the feature film is available on Netflix.


In the plot, we meet Mauro, now an adult, who receives news that makes him reflect on one of the most important people in his life, his mother, Pérola (Drica Moraes). This one, mother, loving wife, with two children, resident of Bauru, who has a strong personality but never ceases to be kind. Over the course of a few years, where we witness, among other things, the curious and time-consuming construction of a swimming pool, we understand the great struggles of this family like so many others in Brazil, who fight, make peace, seek understanding in conflicts but never loving yourself. The abstract universe of remembrance, of memory, is where the film navigates, the great point of intercession, with a narrator present, who shows us his anxieties ranging from conflicts around the dream of being a theater writer to fears due to sexuality.

Rule 34

In the plot, we meet Simone (Sol Miranda), a young black woman in her twenties who, after studying law, begins her career in the office of the public defender of the state of Rio de Janeiro. Her daily life is intense, she has to deal with the possibilities of the law on various types of violence, almost always against women. At night, she is a Camgirl, she performs sex online, seeking to expose her desires and also the desires of the public who have been following her for a long time. When she finds herself in a certain uncontrollability over the violence (and even the limits) of her performances on the internet, she will have to make choices.

The world according to Garp

Is what we learn from life enough to make us happy people? In the early 1980s it was released in theaters around the world, directed by George Roy Hill and based on John Irving’s The World According to Garp, The World According to Garp. The feature film, lasting just over two hours, tells the story of a man who discovers the beginning of life through the eyes and attitudes of his mother, a courageous woman, well ahead of his time, which raised him without a father. , by choice. Timeless, it also talks about sexuality, the difficulties of a marriage, prejudices, the strength of feminism. A wonderful job. Unforgettable. Perhaps the best film of the great Robin Williams’ career and one of the best of Glenn Close’s career.

With love, Simon

In search of a great love story. Based on the book Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda, by Becky Albertalli, With love, Simon arrived in Brazilian cinemas a long time ago. With a cast of names known to young audiences, the plot talks about prejudice, the mind-blowing universe of social networks and its influence on the daily lives of young people around the world, in addition to talking about first love in an emblematic way. with the combat protagonist about your choices. The film is above all a great social critique of the digital universe of today’s young people, teaching profound lessons about friendship and freedom of choice.

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