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10 movies for you who love ECONOMY



The economy is always on the news all over the world 365 days a year. Not everyone is interested in the subject, but it is something that greatly influences our daily lives. The world of cinema has already shown us several clippings circulating on the subject, whether in Brazil or elsewhere on the planet. With that in mind, and for those of you who like to ponder the subject, here are 10 films for you who love economics:

The capital

Based on a novel entitled Le Capital, by French writer Stéphane Osmont, the film tells the story of Marc Tourneuil (Gad Elmaleh), a young executive with a promising career who takes the helm of a major French financial institution. Stealing from the poor to give to the rich, Tourneuil is a petty and unscrupulous man who plays games of manipulation to secure his power and wealth.

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the wolf of Wall Street

In the story, we follow the meteoric trajectory of Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), a man with one goal in his life, being very rich. After a rocky start in a promising business, he cleverly absorbed everything he needed to become a guru at getting people to invest their money. With the help of his friend Donnie Azoff (played by the hilarious Jonah Hill), he sets up his own business which quickly becomes one of the most profitable and targeted by the police on Wall Street. As he continues to earn more and more money, he meets the love of his life, Naomi (Margot Robbie) and abuses all kinds of drugs on a daily basis. These addictions eventually take him to the bottom of the well.

You were not there

In the plot, we are immersed in the reality of a lower middle class British family, where father Ricky (Kris Hitchen), an enthusiastic Manchester United fan, decides to invest in a delivery van in an attempt to change part of your family’s strained financial reality. The fact is that from that moment he ends up influencing everyone around him, his wife Abbie (Debbie Honeywood in an exquisite performance) is a carer who after selling his car to invest in Ricky’s van sees his schedule and his change of routine bring about an even greater scarcity of a precious thing: time. Thus, the couple’s two children are also undergoing transformations and one constantly wonders, was Ricky right to try to take a step beyond what he already had? The certainties of this answer come to us strongly when we better understand the company that provides the contents of the delivery to the protagonist.

Margin Call – The Eve of the End

Available from the Prime Video catalog, Margin Call – The Day Before the End, the film examines the conflicts and decisions arising from discoveries within an investment company on the brink of financial crisis in 2008.

Eike – All or nothing

In the plot, we run through a big cut of just over a decade in the life of businessman Eike Batista (Nelson Freitas), starting in 2006. At pre-salt time, the big Eike’s investment dream was born, to create an oil company called OGX. He brought together many former Petrobras employees and set up a team to fetch a sea of ​​oil, more than 70 billion barrels, eight times the value of Brazil’s GDP. Little by little, we see the rise towards the decline of his professional career with bad decisions, harmful alliances, crazy plans linked to emotion and his spirit of excessive ambition. To better understand what the images show, there is a narrator, Benigno (Thelmo Fernandes), a trusted employee of Eike who has a drinking problem and ends up witnessing all the complicated variables that led to the decline. of the businessman.

How many?

In the plot, we meet Ken Feinberg (Michael Keaton), a lawyer who has become known for being able to find value formulas in large indemnity cases. After the attack on the World Trade Center, he obtained a very important position in the government, being responsible for convincing the families of the victims of a value stipulated by a mathematical formula which at the start did not take the individual into account. Throughout the process, which takes about two years, he begins to realize that if he doesn’t listen to what the families have to say, as well as widower and influencer Charles Wolf (Stanley Tucci), nothing will work. to something right.

Gorbachev, paradise

Selected for the International Feature Film Competition of the It’s All True Festival 2021, Gorbachev.Céu shows opinions and memories of the eighth and last leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, manager of a great reform in his part of the world ordered and who he could be said to have given a knot to the planet, responsible for Perestroika and Glasnost in the mid-80s. We are eyewitnesses to his routine, now showing several weaknesses that come with old age, in addition to have a great class on world history through this skilled accountant of stories, a world famous historical figure who still considers himself a socialist with Lenin (Russian Communist Party organizer) as his God. Directed by Ukrainian filmmaker Vitaly Mansky.


Behind the scenes truths. Nominated in some categories for the Oscars, Vice, directed by the great filmmaker Adam McKay, is cartoonish, mocking, without limits or fine lines, everything that reflects the main character, we can say, is a great mirror of adjectives to the film him -same. Narrated most of the time by a mysterious voice (which we discover throughout the film who it is), the project presents arguments, based on real facts, of all the controversial decisions made by the vice-president of the United States in the George W. Bush Administration, Dick Cheney case.

The magician of lies

In the plot, we know the life of fortune and status of Bernie Madoff (Robert de Niro), a former lifeguard who gradually founded a world-famous company, mainly on Wall Street, becoming president of an investment company which has his own name and which he founded in the early 60s. Bernie maintained his business alongside his two only sons Andrew (Nathan Darrow) and Mark (Alessandro Nivola) who worked for him even though they weren’t didn’t really have control over everything that happened there. . In 2008, he decided to turn himself in to US police, taking responsibility for a fraudulent scheme that left the global financial market in a total meltdown with losses of around $60 billion. After taking the blame and practicing his whistleblowing (his children, when they found out, took the lead on this), Bernie, isolated in a maximum-security prison, will face not only the wrath of all those who were robbed, of the press and of the American government, but will also see the decadence of his family who never found a drop of hope to be happy again.


In the plot, we meet three characters, three destinies that will meet. Patrick (Gilles Lellouche), is an environmental law attorney who embarks on a journey to find evidence against a powerful corporation that uses a pesticide offensive against everyone he comes in contact with. France (Emmanuelle Bercot) is a physical education teacher who, after her husband’s aggravation, realizes that she has to fight differently against the company that owns the rights to a product used daily by her neighbor. Mathias (Pierre Niney) is a young star in a company whose mission is to influence and intervene directly in the decisions of the public authorities (lobbyist). These three destinations will meet on the same road when a farmer commits an act of protest.

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