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10 Famous Recent Procedures That Have Been FAILURE Reviews



We live in a reality of global entertainment where it is much easier and more profitable to bet on famous and established brands. In other words, if something works and succeeds, you can be sure that it will have consequences. And yes, we are talking about audiovisual productions in particular. If a series starts well in its first season, it will obviously make way for its second, even if the story does not require much to continue, see Westworld. Sometimes even stretching their plot until it doesn’t work anymore, as happened with Lost.

But here it is about film productions – which follow the same path, of course. If a film succeeds and falls into the good graces of the public, you can be sure that it will be revisited quickly. No problem with that. The problem is when greed speaks louder and the interest is only financial, trampling the consistency of a good story. Many don’t even have a narrative and only bet on the value of the viewer’s affinity. With that in mind, we decided on this new post recalling some very famous recent movie sequels that have been slaughtered by critics to, say, go from nowhere to nowhere, really showing nothing to say. Check it out below and don’t forget to comment.

The grace of the first Maleficent, in 2014, was to subvert the story of Sleeping Beauty by focusing on the title villain, the witch who is one of the greatest villains in the Disney collection. The surprise was how star Angelina Jolie held the role like a glove, since it was a very personal project for the actress, the animated feature being one of her favorites. This late sequence, released five years later (in 2019), is a real slot machine, whose appeal was no longer Jolie, but the presence of another muse, Michelle Pfeiffer. People say Jolie made the film just for the money, needing to pay off some financial debts. As a result, critics looked up with just 39% approval.

MIB: Men in Black – International

Men in Black (1997) was a real phenomenon, and next year will celebrate its 25th anniversary. The fever was such that it even spawned a cartoon and two sequels. But when you think of MIB, you automatically remember the duo Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, whose contradictory styles complemented each other perfectly. But how about a twist of Marvel to re-energize this Sony franchise? After all, what could possibly go wrong with tempering MIB with the great chemistry of actors Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson seen and applauded in Thor Ragnarok (2017)? Well, everything, since the fourth film in the franchise and the only one without the Smith / Jones duo turned out to be something so generic and forgettable that critics had no choice but to get a paltry 23% approval rating.

Many thank God that Fox was bought by Disney and thus found itself in its rightful place, with the MCU. So, soon we will be able to see the mutants who are one of the flagship of the publisher interact on the big screen with many other beloved characters. The X-Men franchise even got off to a good start in theaters, received high praise, and was one of the films responsible for the surge of productions of the genre that we have today, without question. By the time of this film’s release, however, the franchise had had its ups and downs, but nothing would prepare us for this totally salt-free work. The truth is, the Black Phoenix story had already been told in The Final Showdown (2006), and salvation would be if it was told the right way this time around. Did not work. Critics gave a meager 22% approval, and rightly so.

Here we have a case where the second copy is far superior to the first in the franchise. Cloverfield – Monster (2008) is an effective … well, monster movie, which helped fortify the found footage style in the 2000s. However, nearly ten years later, 10 Cloferfield Street (2016) turned out to be an excellent and tense character psychological study, taking everyone by surprise. It is precisely for this reason that it was surprising to say the least to witness this spatial slapstick, with raw effects and without any suspense or fear. The cast is very good, but the film only served to put an end (for the moment) to the promising franchise, in particular by changing the name of the fourth copy (Operation Overlord). Critics had no choice but to rate “the horror” with 21% approval.

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It’s a horror franchise marked by behind-the-scenes scandals, but it still has its followers for achieving some cult status. Most impressive is the presence of the great Francis Ford Coppola as the producer of the first two films. The original, from 2001, celebrates twenty years of its release in 2021, but it’s far from the Coca-Cola touted by fans. The second, from 2003, has already reduced the hype. But nothing would prepare the devastation of the third, launched in 2017, commissioned by the same Victor Salva as the previous ones, a director convicted of child abuse. A reboot of the franchise is announced for this year, without the participation of Salva. We hope the effects and makeup of the monster are better than the previous ones. Meanwhile, the third Hungry Eyes was rated 17% by critics.

Disney rules the world, and in the process, it’s clear that greed is involved. Yes, Mickey House has released plenty of unnecessary sequels that are a far cry from their original films. One of the most shameless is this sequel to Alice in Wonderland (2010), by Tim Burton – a very intemperate film and one of the lowest points of the filmmaker’s career, but which has been hugely successful. with children. So, six years later, the studio thought it would be a good thing to continue the story. We could feel on the screen the zero will of Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Mia Wasikowska and others to be there. And Tim Burton… well, he wasn’t really jumping into the “producer” role. The critics’ rating for one of the most soulless films of recent years was 29% approval.

Here the disgrace was such that the film decided to change its name at this stage of the championship. At least that’s what IMDB reports, which titled The Curse of the Blackhills: Blair Witch 3. The original film was a game-changer in the late ’90s, became an independent minimalist phenomenon, and cemented the footage. found for the new times. Greed drove producers to continue what did not need (or should) be continued. So came O Livro das Sombras (2000) the following year, resulting in one of the worst films of all time in the opinion of the general public. Nearly twenty years after the sequel, some Hollywood “geniuses” thought they had found the golden idea for a third film. How about a reboot / sequel that mixes styles of found footage with a traditional aesthetic and turns the witch into a monster we can see? Now tell me, who gave the green light to this? Result: 38% review approval – which I still think is pretty high.

Foreigners: night hunting

Home invasion movies have become a horror subgenre. For the new generation, a well-known cult is Os Estranhos (2007). Although little commented on these days, the film was a hit with fans, with star Liv Tyler in attendance, although it is a feature film, for lack of definition, worthy of mention. In the plot, a couple are tormented in their country house by a trio of masked sadistic psychopaths. They say it was based on a true story. Did you ask for the sequel? Did not have? Certainly, the one that took place almost ten years later, which explains very little and resolves to appeal to the banality. Ah yes, the presence of the most famous name here, that of the voluptuous redhead Christina Hendricks, is pure deception, since she is on the scene for about 15 minutes. Better for her, worse for us. With so many “attractions,” the critics’ solution was a 39% approval rating, which is still too high for the film.

We love star Sylvester Stallone. In particular, his films have been of great value in the training of this friend who speaks to you as a film enthusiast. And forever, he will be an idol. But as we know, the world can be cruel, and in his old age Sly doesn’t find as many projects to play as before. One of the coolest of the last few years was Escape Route (2013), which for the first time unites him onscreen during the entire screening with his eternal rival from the past, Arnold Schwarzenegger. And that was one, if not the only, grace of the film. Five years later, Stallone was determined to continue this story and was looking to invest in Asia. Result: many Asian actors steal his scene, the star becoming a supporting role in his own production. The inconsistency of this sequel didn’t go unnoticed even by Sly himself, who made the banging of the quality of the footage public. With an embarrassing 8% approval rating from critics, Escape Route 2: Hades (2018) is one of the worst movies of recent years in the opinion of pundits. Things are said to be improving a bit on the third Escape Route 3 – The Rescue (2019), but who will risk seeing to know? I do not.

It’s much sadder when we see a bad sequel to a wonderful movie, which has been a huge hit with critics and audiences, demonstrating a purpose beyond the screen. The first Zombie Invasion (Train to Busan) served to open the eyes of most viewers to genre films from Asia, especially South Korea, but remained limited to a cult underground part. Invasão Zumbi (2016) elevated these films to the general public, being shown in shopping malls with more commercial productions. By being placed on the Netflix platform, its popularity has continued to increase with new viewers, who discovered it. With 94% critical approval, it was safe to say the hype for the sequel had been generated. And when it debuted, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, well, let’s just say the noise was far from the same. The press rating wasn’t even the most negative for Peninsula (2020), with 54% approval. But we expected a lot more for something within the franchise.

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