Zack Snyder admits Warner “hated” Batman vs Superman



Zack Snyder has confirmed there is pressure from Warner Bros. to “divorce” the ‘Justice League’ from ‘Batman vs Superman’ because the studio “hated” the movie that brought about the clash between Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill).

“Batman vs. Superman” received a lot of negative reviews and disappointed at the box office raising “only” $ 873 million worldwide, far less than the $ 1 billion the studio had raised.

“I think the studio had this hatred for Batman versus Superman. There was pressure on me to divorce the story [da Liga da Justiça] Batman vs Superman, which I didn’t want and didn’t do. Frankly, it’s a movie trilogy, so the story continued, ”Snyder told SFX Magazine.

At the time, The Wrap revealed that Warner Bros. he reportedly considered firing Zack Snyder after the avalanche of negative reviews received with “ Batman vs Superman. ”

The post reveals that several studio executives demanded that Warner CEO Greg Silverman immediately remove Snyder from “ Justice League ” when production began in April 2016, claiming he was the source of the problems.

The president, of course, chose not to fire Snyder, as it could imply that the “Justice League” would have serious problems. However, Silverman blamed Snyder for the alleged “failure” of “Batman vs. Superman,” being pretty harsh in a meeting with the then-director.

Greg Silverman also dispatched DC Films co-chairman Jon Berg to oversee all of the League’s production and monitor the use of the budget – which had already exploded.

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Eventually, the director left after a family tragedy and was replaced by Joss Whedon.

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