‘Yu Yu Hakusho’: Director Says Netflix Series Will Have Big Budget And Stunning Visual Effects



As we already know, Netflix is ​​producing a live adaptation of the anime ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’, a classic broadcast on TV Manchete. Series director Shō Tsukikawa has confirmed that the production will have a big budget and impressive visual effects.

Tsukikawa commented in an interview how surprised he was that Netflix chose to do a live-action adaptation of the anime, and also took the opportunity to tease audiences about the witty detectives’ story.

“When I first heard that Yu Yu Hakusho would be getting a live-action adaptation, I honestly wondered if it would be possible – but after being introduced to the producer’s possibilities and vision at Netflix, my expectations grew. and found myself burning with passion to bring this project to life,” the filmmaker said.

He added, “More than anything, I think the appeal of Yu Yu Hakusho comes from its characters, so I wanted to emphasize the appeal of relationships and battles in Yu Yu Hakusho.”

Recalling that, via Twitter, Netflix has released the first official images of the live-action series of “Yu Yu Hakusho”, featuring Takumi Kitamura (“Tokyo Revengers”) as Yusuke Urameshi.


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Takumi Kitamura will be our Yusuke Urameshi ✨

— netflixbrasil (@NetflixBrasil) July 16, 2022

Kitamura is known for the adaptations of “Tokyo Revenges” and “Let Me Eat Your Pancreas”, as well as being part of the rock band DISH, which opened for “My Hero Academia”.

Kazutaka Sakamoto, of “Alice in Borderland” and “The Naked Director,” is the series’ executive producer alongside Akira Morii.

Sho Tsukikawa, who directed “Let Me Eat Your Pancreas”, is directing the episodes.

Remember that the adaptation is the result of a partnership between the streaming platform and Toho Studios, from Japan.

Based on the manga by Yoshihiro Togashi, the series follows Yusuke Urameshi, a delinquent who dies saving a child and gets a second chance at life in the spirit world. Back in the world of the living, he becomes the defender against supernatural threats.

“Yu Yu Hakusho” is scheduled to premiere in December 2023.

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