YouTube Vlogger Ruby Franke Arrest Story: Celebrity Mother Turned Child Abuser



Are you someone who has been curious about the case of Ruby Franke or wants to find out about the famous YouTubers who have been arrested on criminal charges? Well, then, you need to know about this famous YouTube vlogger Ruby Franke and how her YouTube channel, “8 Passengers,” became the crime journal for Ruby Franke! 

Let’s dive into the article and get into the details. 

Ruby Franke Story: Who Was The Youtube Mother turned Criminal? 

Ruby Franke’s story shattered the image of the trendy family vlogs as the videos Ruby Franke and her husband uploaded got into the deeper web of the public eye as Ruby Franke’s vlog channel, “8 Passengers,” became famous on YouTube. With YouTube being the public platform for its huge reach and users globally, with all kinds of people looking for content created for entertainment and daily vlog channels, Ruby Franke utilized this opportunity. She made her family channel called “8 Passengers” with her 6 children and Ruby Franke’s husband. 

The main goal of her channel was to cater to the family vlog watchers population who love to watch families document their lives with their families every day. Hence, Ruby Franke, being a mother of 6 children with her husband, decided to portray her style of parenting and how she handles her day-to-day affairs with the challenges of raising 6 children, with her parenting style being the focus of her vlogs. 

As she began, nothing was suspected through Ruby Franke’s 8 Passengers vlogs about the horrific abuse she was inflicting through her parenting style. As she grew her YouTube audience, reaching the peak of above 2 million YouTube followers, the fans and followers started to notice through her daily family vlogs creepy details about the now convicted YouTuber, Ruby Franke.

How Did Ruby Franke Get Caught For Child Abuse Through YouTube Channel? 

The YouTube viewers and Ruby Franke’s followers critically started watching her family vlogs and picked up on child abuse from Ruby Franke towards her 6 children. The followers then, through YouTube comments under the 8 Passengers channel video, pointed out how Ruby Franke’s “punishments” for any kind of disobedience from her children ranged towards child abuse and that her parenting style was too stringent. 

As the videos showed one of Ruby Franke’s sons sleeping on a bean bag for 6 months as a punishment from Ruby Franke due to his harmless prank towards his other sibling, the viewers were shocked. The public watchers overall noticed how Ruby Franke’s son was being abused by his mother due to a simple prank for months. 

What was more shockingly creepy was how Ruby Franke’s son in the vlog seemed so absorbed by the serious child abuse his mother inflicted on him silently. Upon the son’s confession of being kept away from sleeping properly on his bed for months due to his mother’s punishment, Ruby Franke was seen laughing the abuse off in the video as her son showed the bean bag, which showed the serious lack of empathy and abuse Ruby Franke was inflicting on her children. 

As she gushed about her strict Mormon parenting style and gave her child abusive tactics towards her children on her vlogs, people criticized and separately discussed the alleged abuse from Ruby Franke on other social media platforms as well as on YouTube! 

The then 40-year-old parent, Ruby Franke, finally faced the consequences of her stringent and abusive parenting style at the onset of the year 2020, as the viewers had enough of seeing the vlogs showing her children showing the signs of being psychologically and emotionally abused. Another major instance in the case of the famous family Vlogger turned criminal Ruby Franke surfaced from the video document of her daughter. 

The viewers felt outraged as Ruby Franke’s school-going daughter complained about her stringent vlogger mother, Ruby Franke, not giving her school lunch as a lesson-learning “punishment.” This again falls heinously under child abuse, and as Ruby Franke faced huge criticism of her children’s confessions, the mother showcased a cold face to the public by explaining how this was also part of her strict parenting style. 

However, making her 6-year-old remain hungry in school, purposefully not giving her school lunch for days to inflict her bizarre techniques on her little girl was too much for the YouTube audience. The clip became evidence yet again for skeptics for how she was malnutritioning her daughter and making it fancy as a way of lesson punishment. 

Ruby Franke’s Arrest: The Famous Youtuber Vloggers Arrest 

The public officially began signing petitions in 2020 against Ruby Franke and her husband for child abuse on an online petition page so that the child protective agency could legally look into the 8-passenger Franke family and how her children were living off the camera under Ruby Franke! 

Ruby Franke then faced a huge level of criticism and a fall from grace as due to the online petitions and complaints; she removed her YouTube vlog channel, 8 Passengers. This was a vain attempt by Ruby Franke and her husband to save themselves from public scrutiny. However, as opposed to the criticisms and petitions against Franke, she again emphasized her self-proclaimed “perfect parenting style” by appearing online on a podcast called “ConneXion” and gushed over how her parenting style largely criticized her matters and choices with her children. 

The reasons for the public to not only boycott Ruby Franke but also convict her of her deranged ways of inflicting pain disguised as parenting on her children and not owning up to her abuse led to the investigations towards Ruby Franke. As her downfall was going, the viewers also made points of how she blamed rape victims for being raped as well as publicly commenting negatively on the U.S immigrants. These ignorant sides of Ruby Franke on sensitive political and social issues, which she openly showed hostility towards, confirmed her in the viewer’s eyes to be extremely uninspiring above her child abuse tactics. 

The Arrest Of Youtuber Ruby Franke & Her Husband 

At last, Ruby Franke and her husband, the Utah state YouTube vloggers, officially got convicted and arrested on 30 August 2023 on child abuse charges demanded by the crowd. This occurred as the alleged couple’s neighbor called 911 emergency services due to Ruby Franke’s malnourished son appearing to knock on the neighbor’s door for help. The investigation began immediately as the officers of the Santa Clara Safety Department reached their home to investigate in Ivins, Utah state. 

The neighbor, being the prime source of alerting the protective authorities, gave an account of how Ruby Franke’s son knocked for help, visibly frail, for food. The neighbor also detailed how Franke’s son had painful marks on his hands and ankles from being tied for a long time. This startled the investigations on top of the already online petitions signed by the public against

Ruby Franke for child abuse with video records through her YouTube vlogs of channel “8 Passengers”. 

As the horrendous details were investigated and found upon the complaints and 911 call, Ruby Franke’s home was searched, and one of her other children, Ruby Franke’s daughter, was found similarly weak with symptoms of being kept hungry for days. All of this and the large public criticism and evidence on child abuse by Ruby Franke led to the couple’s arrest. 

The child protective agency took Ruby Frankes’ children into custody and treatment. Meanwhile, Ruby Franke and her husband were taken for conviction and arrested for alleged child abuse and neglect! 

Last Word 

The case of Ruby Franke is both chilling and horrific as such parents publicly advocate the idea of abusive parenting, disguising it under a healthy family bond. However, for the better Ruby Franke and her husband were rightly dealt with and faced the consequences of their actions. 

We hope the above article quenches your curiosity about the famous YouTube vlog couple Ruby Franke’s story of the arrest and how it happened!

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