Young man develops virtual romance in “Cyber ​​Games” LEGEND trailer; Check it out!



The science fiction novel “Cyber ​​Games” received a captioned trailer.


The film is directed by Uldis Cipsts.

The world of the brilliant programmer Gundega collapses before her eyes: she loses a loved one, her boss threatens to resign, her relatives consider her crazy. In desperation, she accomplishes the impossible: she creates an artificial intelligence with a consciousness that takes the personality of her late boyfriend and continues her relationship with him. As the days go by, Gundega must choose between immersing himself in virtual reality and living out his passion for a computer program or ignoring his feelings and revealing a technological marvel to the world.

The cast includes Ilva Centere, Karlis Kuskis, Arturs Skrastins, Inara Slucka and Regnars Vaivars.

In Brazil, the feature film will be broadcast directly on video by A2 Filmes.

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