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One of the most promising dancers of this season of Amici di Maria De Filippi, got pinched in a photo she posted herself. He is depicted in costume, no one thought so. A sexy shot that will take your breath away.

The participants of Amici di Maria De Filippi, we are used to seeing them always dressed in stage outfits during the challenges or in a very relaxed way during the afternoon shows. We’re certainly not used to seeing them that way. Let’s say natural, like mom made them. The protagonist of this shot really left everyone speechless.

Rita Danza Solocine.it

A dancer from the show, Rita Danza, posted a photo of herself in costume. Nobody thought that under these clothes there could be such a beautiful and fit woman. Who expected him to be so photogenic?

Who is Rita Danza?

Rita Danza or rather Rita Pompili is a young 21-year-old dancer who has made classical dance her mantra. She studied in Padua at the Step Dance Academy, always obtaining excellent results thanks to the passion she puts into dancing since childhood. She is engaged to dancer Niko, also from Padua. She struggled a lot because of her dyslexia, but luckily Alessandra Celentano and company went beyond that aspect, grading her purely for her dancing skills. In this regard, she wears a bracelet that helps her distinguish right from left. Fortunately this problem does not cause her any handicap in the dance which declared that it is this sport which saved her.

A strange way to tan

Rita Danza has a strange way of tanning, very original. Admittedly, the pose she decided to take during her social shot leaves no room for imagination, she really is a good dancer. Other than that no one expected Rita in costume to look so beautiful, she really has a toned and trained body.

We can see her posing with an orange micro bikini accompanied by a pretty anklet. What we can say is that the fans were totally thrilled with her and her shot. We hope that even within the Amici academy, he can achieve the same result. For the moment it is the new student of Alessandra Celentano whom we all know how strict she is with her students. Who knows what will happen in the next episodes?

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