“You have to be quiet”: GF Vip 7, the reprimand during the pub goes viral – VIDEO



GF Vip 7’s cameras captured the scolding that came during the live broadcast to a Vippo. Here’s what was going on and why the writers of the reality show decided to issue a formal demand.

Some sentences uttered by the competitors of the GF Vip 7 arouse many controversies. Not only for the intimidation against Marco Bellavia, but also for the tenor of certain comments in favor of the cameras. Edoardo repeatedly caught himself making explicit gestures or saying phrases that irritated even Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Basciano.

GF Vip 7, Wilma Goich’s Roman-themed birthday party: here’s what criticism he would have heard live from a Vippone (photo © Mediaset).

Elenoire Ferruzzi was instead filmed giving some appreciation to Antonino Spinalbese, which reality TV audiences didn’t like at all. Gossip expert Amedeo Venza therefore asked the question: why aren’t the authors intervening to stop what appears to be a drift in vulgarity?

GF Vip 7, comes the reproach to Antonella: what’s going on

The authors of GF Vip 7 indeed intervene on several occasions. It happened, for example, during the live broadcast on October 17. During the commercials, the writers clearly heard a peremptory demand to Antonella Fiordelisi. The Vippona, as usual, was close to Edoardo, with whom she was fabulous.

The look between Antonino Spinalbese and Antonella Fiordelisi during the first episode of TG #GF VIP (photo © Mediaset).

Antonella never uttered vulgar or offensive phrases towards anyone. Listening carefully to the speech with Edoardo, we understand that they were talking about the nominations. So the authors of the GF Vip blamed the influencer because maybe they thought he was accepting nominations?

What Antonella and Edoardo were doing: here is the video

Edoardo had only approached the sofa to wonder who he could name this time. The voice of the authors was clearly heard: “You must shut up!”. They were clearly addressing Antonella, who after justifying herself immediately ended the discussion with what appears to be her new boyfriend. GF Vip 7, Edoardo’s space-themed birthday, always close to Antonella (photo © Mediaset).

During the latest episode of GF Vip 7, a fierce battle between Antonino and Edoardo was also aired. To unleash the antipathy between the two, obviously, it was Antonella. The influencer seemed to want to tease Edoardo’s jealousy to confirm her feelings: obviously she succeeded, and the two are closer than ever.

Here is the video clip in which you hear the reproach of the authors of GF Vip 7 to Antonella Fiordelisi:

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