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Worst Movies of 2020



2020 is coming to an end (thankfully!). There have been months of struggle and pandemic that have affected (and are affecting) everyone’s lives. Cinema and series have often served as a medium / entertainment medium for all of us locked up. But that support has often proven to be somewhat disappointing, if not tragic, with lousy and frustrating films.

And it is in this climate that CinePOP has prepared for you a list of the worst films of 2020. There is something for everyone. And you are more than free to disagree. Participate through the comments with your list of movie disappointments of the year.

Now stick with our top 15 of the year!

15) The limit of betrayal

Enjoy watching:

Maybe it was better for Tyler Perry to continue doing comedies. Not that his comedies are great works, but at least they succeed. The thriller The Limit of Betrayal, on the other hand, is a complete criticism failure, and it also doesn’t seem to have won over audiences, even though we don’t have the Netflix audience. The film follows the trial of Grace Waters (Crystal Fox), a woman accused of the murder of her husband Shannon DeLong (Mehcad Brooks). In addition to directing and writing the film, Perry joins the cast as Rory, a member of the Public Defender.

14) once upon a time there was a dream

Once Upon a Dream is not just the title of the film, but the reason why Glenn Close and Amy Adams have agreed to embark on this tragic journey. Two of the most aggrieved actresses in Oscar history, they must have seen the opportunity to win a statuette here. The film smacks of Oscar. It offers great physical transformations to actresses and also counts with the direction of a filmmaker beloved of the Academy: Ron Howard, of A Brilliant Mind, Rush and company. But the shot turned against him. Not only must the film be left out for the entire awards season, it also garnered a slew of negative reviews.

13) Hen of Artemis

Disney’s latest attempt to get Harry Potter to call upon him has failed. Adapted from the literary saga written by Eoin Colfer, Artemis Fowl was slated to hit theaters in 2020, but ended up being played directly for Disney Plus. And no one seems to have missed the movie on the big screen. Directed by Kenneth Branagh, the feature film stars Ferdia Shaw as the main character, a 12-year-old who uses his intelligence to commit minor crimes. Determined to find his father, he discovers a magical fairy-tale world. The plot is so generic and uninteresting that even names like Judi Dench, Josh Gad, and Colin Farrell can’t stand out.

12) Dolittle

Some decisions are hard to fathom… After years of getting involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, what would make Robert Downey Jr. get involved in a production as uninteresting and hopeless as Dolittle? It’s not like he needs the money, is it? The film is a real disaster. The plot is silly, the jokes don’t work, and even the visuals aren’t very flashy. In fact, on the contrary. The excess of CGI is something that takes the viewer away from the story even further. That and the uninspired screenplay written by Stephen Gaghan (who is also the film’s director), Dan Gregor, and Doug Mand.

11) Bloodshot

Vin Diesel’s career is very curious. Bad actor, he seems to win by insistence. And for the frantic attempt to create franchises. Some worked, like Fast and Furious, others less, like The Chronicles of Riddick. Bloodshot looked like a franchise that would die in the first film, but some crazy people still support the idea of ​​a sequel. The movie is laughable bad. He has horrible performances, not only from Diesel, but also from Eiza González and Sam Heughan.

10) The cry

A remake of the remake. What could possibly go wrong? Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, The Scream (2004) was a remake of a Japanese horror film made in a hurry to capitalize on the success of The Call (2002). The movie wasn’t a complete failure, but it also really liked a lot of people. Now, 16 years later, Hollywood felt it was time to try again to bring the story to the big screen. Well, it wasn’t. The new O Grito features Lin Shaye, John Cho, Demián Bichir and Andrea Riseborough in the main cast. And even Shaye’s experience in the genre (she’s one of the stars of the Supernatural franchise) wasn’t enough to make the movie better.

9) the last thing he wanted

Anne Hathaway, Ben Affleck, Willem Dafoe, Rosie Perez, Toby Jones … The cast has promised a movie with the potential to feature in awards season. All under the direction of able Dee Rees, on the rise after success with Mudbound – Tears Over the Mississippi. But what seemed like a dream soon turned out to be a nightmare. Cheesy performances and a totally uninteresting plot about a journalist who quits her job during a presidential campaign to help her father with a suspicious business.

8) Hubie’s Halloween

Adam Sandler appeared in one of the best movies released by Netflix in 2020: Brutal Jewels. But he can’t resist and has also tried to drop his traditional annual bombshell: Hubie’s Halloween. Along with his regular partner, director Steven Brill (Mr. Deeds’ Heritage, Zeroing Life, among others), Sandler has prepared this Halloween comedy about a man who is a joke between children and adults in his region, but who will take the lead. responsibility to save Halloween. Kevin James, Julie Bowen, Steve Buscemi and Rob Schneider join the cast.

7) Macabre

Macabre is a film full of good intentions, but with a lamentable message behind it. Directed by Marcos Prado, a famous producer responsible for Elite Squad, the feature film tells the true story of two brothers accused of brutal crimes in a rural part of the interior of Rio de Janeiro. The case attracts the attention of state policy, which sends experts to try to capture the young people. Little by little, we see that there is a lot behind the crimes that are not the same as the official version of the inhabitants of the region. Macabro could function as a police investigation thriller, but it gets lost in the approach of the two young people, with an undertone that can even be perceived as racist. The boys, who are black, are portrayed as real savages, almost like monsters. Even with the film reinforcing the abuse they suffered, the grotesque approach of young people is fraught with prejudice. Ethically, one of the most problematic characteristics of the year.

6) The tax collector

Despite the countless controversies he has been involved in in recent years, Shia LaBeouf often appears in a film in which he seeks his redemption in the industry. And the attempt, in 2020, was with O Cobrador de Impostos, launched directly on VOD in Brazil. It turns out that the movie is so bad that it won’t help the actor’s image much. On the contrary, his erratic behavior during recording only seems to have pushed Hollywood’s interest in his work even further. The movie is terrible and is directed by David Ayer, known for that other bombshell called Suicide Squad.

5) orphans

A theatrical version of classic literature written by Henry James, The Orphans is essentially a succession of mistakes. Despite the pedigree of the original work, the production delivered the plot adaptation to two writers with far more errors than success. For every Evil Summons, Chad Hayes and Carey W. Hayes have several examples of unsuccessful scripts, such as The House of Wax, The Harvest of Evil, and Terror in Antarctica, to name just three. The cast doesn’t help much either. Mackenzie Davis is very uninspired and Finn Wolfhard seems completely irrelevant.

4) Luccas Neto at: O Mágico Hotel

For a while, the question remained whether this movie deserved to be on the list, after all: is it a movie? We’ll give it some thought, but the truth is, this is much more advertising or sponsored post for YouTube than anything else. The work is essentially a succession of product placement after another, the sole purpose of which seems to be to promote the brands and the name of its protagonist: Luccas Neto. Not by chance, the name of the actor / YouTuber is in the title of the feature film. Luccas Neto at: Hotel Mágico is everything you can expect if you are over 10 years old. In fact, it’s worse than you might expect.

3) The possession of Mary

Gary Oldman is a strong contender for the 2021 Oscar for his work on David Fincher’s Mank, but he also had a really low moment in 2020. He is the protagonist of Mary’s Possession, a film that was rejected by Nicolas Cage . Yes, Nicolas Cage refused the project. If that doesn’t indicate something bad, I don’t know what it is. Mary’s Possession tells the story of a family who buys a ship for a new business, but ends up discovering that the place holds some chilling secrets. Besides Oldman, the cast also includes Emily Mortimer, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Stefanie Scott and Jennifer Esposito.

2) 365 days

Basically an “I want to be fifty shades of gray”. And if Fifty Shades of Gray is bad enough, imagine the generic version… Polish soft-porn caused a sensation on Netflix screens in the first half of 2020. Which just shows that people are very needy. The plot is laughable and the performances are miserable, with a lead couple without much chemistry and a poorly developed storyline. All this without mentioning the outdated and problematic premise that a woman falls in love with her captor. A 2020 film with a 1986 premise.

1) The Last Days of American Crime

The Biggest Bomb of 2020 is also coming from Netflix. It’s The Last Days of American Crime, a confusing crime drama starring Edgar Ramírez. Directed by Olivier Megaton, from Unrelenting Search 2 and 3, the film is a real tragedy, starting with the length chosen. It’s 142 minutes of almost infinite duration. The plot takes place in the not-so-distant future, in which the US government develops a signal that prevents anyone from committing a crime. Faced with this, a criminal launches in one last move to steal a sum that would make him not have to worry for the rest of his life.

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