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Worst Movies in History According to IMDb Users



There are basically two types of bad movies: the ones that are so bad they end up being classics and the ones that are really bad. For IMDb’s user base, the worst films ever made in theaters vary in genre, nationality, and proposition, but share in one execution, at least, somewhat questionable.

Thinking about it, and to show that the history of cinema is full of ideas gone wrong, CinePOP has decided to list the 20 lowest-rated movies according to users of the world’s largest movie database. Prepare?

15. From Justin to Kelly (2003)

This film starring none other than Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini, the finalist of the American Idol edition which dedicated Clarkson, tells the story of… Justin and Kelly. She, a Texan waitress, meets the student while on vacation, resulting in a romance that the reviewer says is bland and forgets any kind of charisma the duo achieved during the program. The feature film was part of their contractual obligations, and Clarkson even begged not to – she really wanted to focus on her music career. The romance was a failure, but luckily the singer’s career was not.

14. Going to the Sea (1989)

There might be an Adam Sandler movie on this list. Starring Billy Bob Thornton and Billy Zane, the film tells the story of a young aspiring comedian who begins working on a cruise in the hopes of being discovered as a big name in stand-up. In one of the user reviews done on IMDb, one person says she “felt like hitting the TV”, that the title was “the most irritating movie in the world” and “a waste” of her $ 2 . He ends the text by even recommending people who – like him – like Adam Sandler, who waste no time

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13. Alone in the Dark: Evil Awakens (2005)

Starring Christian Slater, the film follows “the paranormal sleuth” (as is) Edward Carnby, who must face bizarre situations when he discovers that demonic creatures are planning to take over the world. Only he and his ex-girlfriend, an anthropologist, can put an end to this terrible threat. The film is based on an eponymous Atari game, and Variety reviewers say, “Fans of the source material probably aren’t going to switch platforms to see this bizarre Lionsgate project, and anyone who isn’t a fan either. ”

12. Gave Crazy in Hollywood (2007)

Bullshit mocks movies that were hot back then, such as ‘The Da Vinci Code’, ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, and accompanies four orphans from four different cinematic backgrounds, who go through a epic adventure series. The comedy is anchored to the same sexist and dated jokes, without presenting any refinement or new take on the themes on offer. It is just embarrassing.

11. Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam’in Oglu (2006)

This Turkish feature film displeased audiences so much that it almost reached the top 10. The sci-fi comedy brings a family trying to adjust to life in a new solar system. One of the IMDb users greets us with the following review: “I watched this movie trying to imagine how bad it could be, and I think there should be an option to award points. negative, because giving a star is too much for him “.

10. Máskara’s son (2005)

Indirect sequence from the feature film “The Máskara” (1994), this comedy stars Tim Avery, a budding designer who finds Loki’s lost mask and ends up conceiving a son “born of the mask” – yes, that’s exactly that. As Tim realizes how crazy it is to take care of a child, Loki must find the mask before his father is enraged. Widely criticized, the film won the Golden Raspberry for Worst Sequence or Remake. With a story like that …

9. University of Pleasure (2006)

Socialite Paris Hilton plays in this comedy about the president of a fraternity, who needs to recruit new “atypical” students for the group, to try to meet the diversity criterion and win an annual competition. Although, from the synopsis, it’s already possible to assume that this probably isn’t the most elaborate film on the planet, audiences point out that in addition to the story and equally bad performances, the film has problems with editing, photography and editing.

8. House of the Dead: The Movie (2003)

This 15-point bitter terror in Metacritic is sort of a prelude to The House of the Dead video games. The story takes place on an island, where young students gather to party, but the fun is interrupted by an attack of monsters and zombies. The Variety review sums it up: “Whether this movie is good or bad depends on how much a 14 year old is in you.”

7. The Hot and Sticky (2008)

If the title had not already denounced the dubious character of this film, let’s go to the synopsis: Nate moves to Los Angeles to conquer Cristabel, the girl he’s been in love with since childhood. First, he has to keep his best friend, June, away. Things get complicated when June’s beauty begins to show up and Nate creates feelings for her. The Entertainment Weekly review describes it as “a farce of stereotypes that only becomes more grotesque when it tries to be deep.”

6. Save Christmas (2014)

Of course, this incredible selection could not miss a Christmas comedy. In this story, actor Kirk Cameron finally plays himself, trying to save Christmas by proving to his brother-in-law that Jesus Christ remains an important figure despite the commercialization of the holiday. Attempts at a universal message, however, backfired and the film was bombarded by critics and audiences alike.

5. Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010)

This list couldn’t be complete without a horror bird movie with bad Hitchcock inspiration. Here, a horde of genetically modified birds decides to attack a small town in California, and residents must now find a way to defeat the creatures. Slaughtered by critics for its poor quality, the film ended up acquiring ironically cult status for precisely that reason, and even has a sequel – which unfortunately didn’t make that selection.

4. Manos: Hands of Fate (1966)

This one has a rather curious history. The film was created as a result of a bet, and fertilizer salesman Hal Warren produced the work with a budget of $ 19,000. The story follows a family who gets lost on a road and ends up finding an infamous pagan cult. All the editing, directing, editing and finalizing processes were done in a very amateurish and primitive way, which helps to justify its position as one of the worst in cinema.

3. Kod Adi KOZ (2015)

“Codename: KOZ” is a Turkish political propaganda film that tells the story of a 2013 corruption scandal from a conspiratorial perspective. The film has a cut and performances considered “puzzling and primitive”, and the tragic result is what puts it in bitter third place on the list.

2. Cool Babies 2: Super Babies (2004)

Ah, a bunch of smart, talking babies who need to save the world from a big conspiracy … for critics, the lack of ideas or plausible boundaries makes the movie make mistakes in every scene, and so he won second place.

1. Superheroes: League of Injustice (2008)

The list’s “champion” received six Golden Raspberry nominations and it’s a parody of disaster movies and pop culture in general. Extremely dismissed, the film is described as lazy and superficial, with a disoriented meaning and excess of reference. For The Hollywood Reporter, “real disaster movies have more fun than this hoax.”

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