Worms found in this well-known brand of pasta: “watch out”. PHOTO.



If you find worms in your pasta packets or in your flour, don’t worry, they are absolutely harmless. They are flour moths and, although seeing worms in your pasta is not really a pleasant thing, rest assured that they are not dangerous and are not bad for our health. However, be aware that their life cycle is very complex and, once adults, they become similar to cockroaches. If you find worms, the best thing to do is to get rid of them immediately, before the infestation becomes serious.

Experiencing a flour moth infestation can be truly unpleasant and we are talking about these grain and flour feeding insects that proliferate amongst our pasta, rice and of course even our flour. These are insects which, when found in packages, often come in the form of larvae. It may happen that you buy packaging that is already damaged or perforated and in this case the food could already be infested with eggs or larvae which, in a very short time, can contaminate your entire pantry: and this is how begins the infestation of moths.

However, eliminating moths is not at all a simple thing if you do not take the necessary precautions and that is why we now offer you a series of remedies so that you can eliminate moths from your diet. It’s a good idea to start right away with a thorough cleaning by clearing the pantry well and thoroughly cleaning the entire cupboard, throwing out all those foods that you think have already been contaminated. To clean the furniture it is possible to use lukewarm water with vinegar which is also a disinfectant and does not need to be rinsed but it is preferable to first vacuum all the corners of the furniture to be really sure to have eliminated both the butterflies and the eggs.

When cleaning, be sure to clean the entire interior of the cracks and gaps that normally form inside the furniture, as these are precisely the smallest places, the favorites of food moths where they often hide to deposit their eggs. Among the natural remedies to eliminate adults, therefore those in the form of a cockroach, we have the bay leaf which also acts as a mild repellent. If you have a plant in the garden, try placing some leaves in the pantry: indeed it seems that moths are driven away by the smell of laurel but alternatively there are also essential oils such as eucalyptus and lavender. .

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