Worms found in this brand of rice – this is the worst



A few days ago it became known that a regular consumer of rice had found worms inside a sealed package. The expression used by this man was “among the many grains there are many that move”. Unfortunately, the packaging was really very contaminated, so much so that it caused disgust in the consumer. The idea that many have formed is that the conditioned rice belonged to a harvest carried out many months ago and was therefore no longer suitable.

The company, on the other hand, replied that it was a rather improbable episode because, they explain to us that the rice after being washed and treated is immediately vacuum packed precisely to avoid such episodes and therefore the proliferation of any contamination organisms which alter the conformity and integrity of the whole product. They conclude by indicating that the contamination probably occurred because the packaging was left open inside the consumer’s pantry.

The consumer firmly asserts that there is no trace of insects in his pantry and therefore the contamination did not start there. To mediate between the two parties, it is the consumer protection associations that try to understand what were the real causes triggering the contamination. Obviously it is not possible to determine all the possible scenarios, there is certainly that the local health authorities have been alerted in time in order to be able to start all the protocols of the case.

The Ministry of Health has taken the order to withdraw the entire batch in order to prevent any other contaminated food from being purchased by consumers, but above all to carry out all the checks and analyzes necessary to ensure that the contamination is not dangerous for humans. organization. It is a well-known brand of basmati rice. Even the employees of the supermarket where the rice was bought were shocked: in many years of service, they had never encountered such problems with this well-known food manufacturer.

Many, given the frequency with which these unpleasant misunderstandings occur, are wondering how to behave. Experts tell us that the first step is certainly to go to the point of sale where you bought the contaminated product; they are obliged to withdraw it and reimburse us. At the same time, they are required to report what happened to the relevant ASLs by communicating the batch number and awaiting directives from the Ministry of Health.

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